Attention, mate! If you are a newbie aboard a boat, here’s one general rule you should never forget: no bananas, please.

banana curse

Legends have it that bananas bring bad luck in the boat. In fact, even if it takes another form aside from raw. Such as cake, chips, muffins and the like, it is still considered bad luck, and many captains will be adamant in throwing it away.

The superstition about bananas being bad luck in a ship dates back to centuries ago. The icky critters that lives amongst the bananas such as spiders and snakes would infect the other parts of the ship. It had also observed that when bananas were in the cargo hold of ancient ships, the others fruits seemed to rot quickly. it could be well explained by the ethylene being emitted by bananas.

Reportedly, crew members have also caught sickness from eating bananas, or suffered injury from slipping on the banana peels. Even in more modern times, anglers swear that they can attribute not catching fish to variations of bananas on the boat.

It goes without saying that bananas are deemed to be unlucky by many boaters.

With all of these superstitions, true or not, don’t be surprised to find captain and crew against the seemingly innocent fruit. Avoid the fruit, the muffin, and the sun tan lotion. Better safe than sorry, right?