We all know how important it is to own a well-equipped yacht. It seems like the littlest things make the biggest differences. Each year we have fun seeing what type of deals we can find on equipment to stock up in our boats.

  • life vests
  • flashlights
  • waterproof watches
  • fishing poles
  • tackle boxes
  • flare gun
  • first aid kits
  • boat covers
  • GPS systems

Sometimes you can find deals on everything, including the kitchen sink. Some appliance outlets offer big sales on kitchen and bedroom items. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade, Black Friday offers big savings.

Black Friday originated back in the 60’s after a publication characterized the Friday following thanksgiving to be black(ed out) due to horrible road traffic following family travels. Since then, more and more companies have adopted this unique term as a way to turn it into a positive celebration, providing customers with special prices on products and services.

As Black Friday has gone mainstream over the last decade or two, the boating industry can’t ignore it either. So, why not get a good deal on everything you need for next summer during Black Friday sales?