Have you heard of ActiveCaptain?

Active Captain is a tremendous resource for boaters. It is a true example of technology being used to enhance your boating experience whether you a a full time cruiser, fisherman or weekend warrior. Go to activecaptain.com and check it out.

In their own words: “What we’re trying to do is capture the normal dock conversations that happen about good facilities, problem anchorages, and other cruising information. When you add it to ActiveCaptain, you’re making it available to the whole community.”

Once you have created and account (it’s free), to begin to understand how powerful the site is, go to the live map tab at the top of the page and navigate to your local waters. Make sure to zoom in enough so that data begins to appear. On the left side of the page select the ‘help card’ to get familiar with what data is available and how to access and contribute to it. To say it is ‘data rich’ would be an understatement but the good news doesn’t stop there.

The real beauty of activecaptain is that it is live – it is constantly being updated by boaters like you. It is a ‘real time’, interactive cruising guide and I can’t imagine planning a trip without it. Marina info, to include current fuel prices and ‘real’ reviews by other boaters, info on anchorages, and tons of other local information can be found here. Cruising the ICW? Find recent updates on shoaling conditions along the way. This is just one of many examples of the kind of ‘perishable’ information that active captain captures and makes available. Also, when first visiting the website be sure to select the ‘Contact Us’ option to see a great list of FAQs and other info that will help you get up to speed.

The creators of this site are obviously very tech savvy, but they never rest on their laurels and are constantly making improvements and upgrades. To stay up to date, subscribe to their weekly newsletter, which is refreshingly free of spam and advertising and contains genuinely useful information. Check out the site – you will be glad you did!