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Bridgeport is a historic seaport city in Fairfield County, Connecticut, known as “Park City,” for its many public parks. It is the largest city in Connecticut and the fifth most populous in New England. Bridgeport is located on the Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Pequonnock River, on the southwest coast of Connecticut. Bridgeport is especially known for 19th century resident, P.T. Barnum, of Barnum & Bailey Circus fame, who was also Bridgeport’s first mayor in the late 19th century and a major influence in Bridgeport’s development. He built 4 houses in Bridgeport and housed the circus in the town during the winter season and co-founded the Port Jefferson Ferry, among other achievements.

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YACHTS LOCATED NEAR Bridgeport Connecticut

photo of 46' J Boats J/46 2004


46' J Boats J/46 2004

Milford, Connecticut, United States

photo of 80' Schaefer 800 Pininfarina 2013

Veloce II

80' Schaefer 800 Pininfarina 2013

Stamford, Connecticut, United States

photo of 72' CL Yachts CLB72 2019


72' CL Yachts CLB72 2019

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

United Listing
photo of 70' Pershing 70 2016

The Office

70' Pershing 70 2016

Old Saybrook, Connecticut, United States

photo of 69' JFA Custom 70 2003


69' JFA Custom 70 2003

Stonington, Connecticut, United States

photo of 63' Hatteras 63 2001


63' Hatteras 63 2001

Stamford, Connecticut, United States

photo of 62' Alden 1938

62' Alden 1938

Stonington, Connecticut, United States

photo of 60' Euromarine Jaguar 60 America 2005

60' Euromarine Jaguar 60 America 2005

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

photo of 60' Viking CMY 1998

60' Viking CMY 1998

Groton, Connecticut, United States

United Listing
photo of 59' Prestige 590 2020


59' Prestige 590 2020

Stonington, Connecticut, United States

photo of 56' Neptunus 56 Flybridge 2003

Still Crabby

56' Neptunus 56 Flybridge 2003

Essex, Connecticut, United States

photo of 55' Sunseeker Manhattan 2017


55' Sunseeker Manhattan 2017

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

United Listing
photo of 55' Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge 1994

Swipe Right

55' Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge 1994

Stamford, Connecticut, United States

photo of 53' Southern Cross 53 1986


53' Southern Cross 53 1986

Mystic, Connecticut, United States

photo of 53' Hatteras 53 Motor Yacht 1980


53' Hatteras 53 Motor Yacht 1980

Mystic, Connecticut, United States

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Bridgeport is not the typical, idyllic New England seaside town, as its past prosperity was in heavy industry and shipping that brought the city through the Great Depression and both World Wars. After WWII, a major shift to suburbanization and other restructuring led to an exodus of wealthy residents to the suburbs. The transition to overseas manufacturing during the 1960s and 70s led to further decline in the late 20th century, as with many major industrial waterfront cities in America. The new millennium has brought new vision and redevelopment to some of America’s greatest cities’ waterfronts transforming them into exciting livable, enjoyable destinations. Bridgeport is now experiencing the same renaissance, especially around Bridgeport Harbor, as the area is being transformed into a world-class destination drawing Fairfield County’s “Gold Coast,” Long Island, New York City, and beyond.

The area of Bridgeport and surrounding towns was inhabited by the Paugussett Indian people during the 16th century as Europeans began settling and colonizing New England areas. The first settlement in Bridgeport was in Black Rock Harbor area in 1644, called Pequonnock, after the Pequonnock tribe of the Paugussett nation, primarily a farming and fishing culture, whose sacred Golden Hill site overlooked the harbor. The hill had natural springs to water their planted fields. Today the Golden Hill Paugussetts retain reservation land in Trumbull, CT and Colchester, CT. Joel Freeman of Paugussett descent, led a return to Bridgeport (historic site of Golden Hill) from the Trumbull reservation, to form a village. His sisters, Mary and Eliza Freeman built houses in 1848 that are still standing and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NHRP). Modern descendants of the Paugussett are still in legal battles for Federal recognition and restoration of reservation land they allege was illegally taken by State government.

The village of Bridgeport developed from Newfield Harbor, a trading center in the late 1700s, and was incorporated as the Borough of Bridgeport in 1800, and in 1821 became an independent township. Bridgeport was chartered as Connecticut’s fifth city in 1836. In ensuing decades, railroad lines (New York/New Haven Railroad) were built connecting Bridgeport to New York and other Connecticut shoreline towns, in addition to inland feeder lines such as the Naugatuck Railroad. As a major railroad junction, Bridgeport quickly industrialized with iron foundries, manufacturing, and shipping. Wilson & Wheeler sewing machines were exported all over the world from Bridgeport. The West End and village of Black Rock along with its harbor were annexed in 1870. PT Barnum was elected mayor in 1875, and Bridgeport was the winter headquarters of the world-famous Barnum & Bailey’s Circus and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

From 1870 to 1910, Bridgeport was the predominant industrial center of Connecticut and its population quadrupled with many European and East European immigrants. The Singer sewing factory joined Wheeler & Wilson to produce sewing machines. Many other high-end manufacturing enterprises in a variety of industries flourished. A worker strike in 1915 imposed the 8-hour workday on Bridgeport’s factories and spread throughout the Northeast. The city’s manufacturing strength saw the city through the Depression and WWII. Then restructuring of heavy industry and later, the shift of manufacturing production overseas for cheaper labor sources, decimated Bridgeport (along with many other industrial and manufacturing cities in the US). Wealthy residents moved out to suburban towns like Fairfield and Milford, leaving a greater vacuum, and along with politicians/managers’ financial “mismanagement,” brought the city of Bridgeport into decades of steep decline. That decline is being reversed in the new 21st century, with redevelopment of Bridgeport’s downtown (Steelpointe Harbor) and other prime areas along the waterfront.

In 2018, world-renowned MGM Resorts proposed development of a world-class casino resort on Bridgeport’s waterfront that would feature multiple restaurant and lounge offerings, 30,000 sq ft retail space, 100,000 sq ft casino area, live entertainment 20,000 sq ft venue, flex meeting space, 700 sq ft theater, hotel accommodations with 300 guest rooms, pool/spa/fitness facilities, a scenic public boardwalk along 900 linear feet of the Yellow Mill River, and outdoor entertainment facility. All executed to posh, globally recognized MGM Brand standards. If approved, the Resort is projected to create over 7000 jobs locally and add considerable tax revenue to the City of Bridgeport and State of Connecticut. Economic and quality of life impact would be immense. Politics are stalemating approval.

Beardsley Zoo, founded in 1922, is one of Connecticut’s top attractions and is an accredited member of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1999. The Zoo was developed as a public park in 1884 by Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of the original Central Park Zoo in New York City, on land along the Pequonnock River (Bunnells Pond) donated by James W Beardsley in 1878 to be a public park in perpetuity. The park transitioned into a zoo in 1922. The zoo features 300+ animals, mostly North and South American species, along with several endangered and threatened species, such as the Siberian Tiger, Red Wolf, Golden Lion Tamarin, the extremely rare Amur Leopard, and others. Amenities include the Peacock Café, the Picnic Grove, a carousel, and gift shop. The Zoo offers Events and Educational Programs and more. Located on Noble Avenue near East Main Street, and Rt 8 & Rt 25 that intersect the Merritt Parkway.

Barnum Museum, located at 820 Main Street is considered a “National Treasure.” It is the last remaining building attributed to Phineas Taylor (PT) Barnum (1810-1891), one of the most remarkable and famous men in 19th century America, and perhaps in the world. The museum, envisioned to combine science and education with entertainment, was built on land and funds donated by PT Barnum, along with his extensive personal collections. The museum opened in 1893, two years after his passing, and has been part of downtown Bridgeport since then. Originally known as the Barnum Institute of Science and History, it was a legacy of America’s cultural and scientific achievement and Barnum’s commitment to the cultural and intellectual development of society. Today the museum houses/displays more than 60,000 artifacts regarding Barnum, Bridgeport, and 19th century America.

Barnum Museum is listed on the NRHP. PT Barnum was known for his amazing ingenuity as American entrepreneur, entertainer, and a man of many achievements. He started the famous Circus as a retirement project at age 61. Ever the promoter, Barnum’s dwarf star, “Tom Thumb” (Charles Stratton)’s wedding in 1863 was a major celebrity event in New York City. Barnum’s 10,000-seat New York Hippodrome, the Circus home base, was later known as Madison Square Garden.

Bridgeport’s waterfront redevelopment transpired with the realization that the city’s greatest asset is its 24 miles of waterfront, more than any other Connecticut shoreline municipality, and a new vision for a reinvigorated waterfront. About half of the 260 waterfront properties are publicly owned and a waterfront master plan, “Waterfront Bridgeport Plan,” was developed with community members and other stakeholder’s input to transform the waterfront in a way that balances environmentally sensitive areas and economic development with expanded public access and open spaces. Highlights of the plan are natural restoration opportunities (clean-up, wetlands, grassy riverbanks); a fresh take on waterfront living, working, and recreation; future economic growth will be based on water access rather than heavy industry (such as aquaculture of shellfish and seaweed); create a waterfront destination with year-round attractions such as public art and LED lighting, a beer garden or outdoor café, winter ice-skating, public art displays, and so on. The Plan is expected to stimulate economic growth and improve quality of life.

Steelpointe Harbor is a new urban mixed-use development on Bridgeport’s waterfront (Pequonnock River/Bridgeport Harbor). The harborside neighborhood consists of a network of walkable streets, open spaces, water views, harborside walking paths that intermingle with hotels, a Bass Pro Shop, movie theaters, restaurants, shops, business, and residential units, for a livable, enjoyable community. State-of-the-art marina was developed by renowned RCI Group Real Estate Services to developers of luxury, multidimensional marine related waterfront destinations. The Hornblower Group, a leading provider of water-based experiences based in San Francisco, will be coming to Bridgeport Boatworks in Bridgeport Harbor for vessel maintenance, upgrade, and retrofits. Bridgeport Boatworks has a 720-ton travel lift capable of hoisting large vessels and much more.

Bridgeport Harbor Marina is a state-of-the-art “port of call” between Newport and New York City—a first class waterfront entertainment destination, drawing the Fairfield County “Gold Coast.” Located on the Steelpointe Peninsula, a world-class destination with newly built concert amphitheater, restaurants (like waterfront Boca Oyster Bar), shops, area museums, and public boardwalk on the Long Island Sound. The full-service marina features 200+ deep-water slips in a protected harbor. Accommodates yachts up to 250ft LOA; dockside depth is 12ft and marina approach is 30ft.

The marina offers dockage, refueling, vessel repairs, provisioning, and winter storage. Harbor Marina is accessible by sea, land, or air, located directly off I-95, and minutes from Sikorsky Memorial airport, railroad to NYC, and is centrally located to New Haven and Fairfield Counties. Bridgeport Harbor Marina is the site of the exclusive Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show, an invitation only event in June 2021. Select guests will experience Showpiece Show’s signature combo of luxury yachts, rare and exotic cars, private jet and helicopter samplings and other items appealing to the luxury lifestyle. The Show will feature top live music from across the US.

The Port Jefferson, LI/Bridgeport, CT Ferry and Water Shuttle Service is located at 1 Ferry Access Road, Bridgeport and has been in service for over 132 years.

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company was founded in 1883 by PT Barnum of Bridgeport and Captain Charles E Tooker, his friend and deep-water sailor in Port Jefferson, Long Island, together with a total of 27 stockholders. Barnum was President of the Association, Capt Tooker and brother-in-law, Edward Davis, had controlling interest. Back then the primary purpose of the ferry was for transport of Long Island’s agriculture and New England’s industry. Today the purpose has changed, but the transport need continues into the 21st century, with added amenities creating the “ferry experience” of being out on the water, enjoying fresh salt air breezes. Commuters from or to Long Island can avoid the stress of driving through the metro New York City traffic. Vacationers can enjoy a relaxing boat ride across the Long Island Sound. The Galley serves breakfast, lunch/afternoon/evening menus. The Lounge located at the bow on the main deck features a bar, flatscreen TVs, and bar food menu. Outdoor bar service is offered during warm, sunny days and located aft toward the ferry’s stern.

Besides the new Harbor Marina at Steelpointe, there are several other marinas along Bridgeport’s 24 miles of waterfront.

Miamogue Yacht Club is a private membership yacht club with 173 slips on floating docks for vessels 20ft to 50ft. Dockside depth is 8ft. Amenities include 30 & 50amp electric, water, restrooms, ice, snacks, onsite restaurant, and bar. The fuel dock (gas only) is available to members and the public. Pump-out station is on fuel dock. Yacht club is located near Johnson’s Creek Inlet on Bridgeport Harbor behind Pleasure Beach. Yacht club amenities include full-serve bar, pool tables, banquet hall. Contact Dockmaster for availability of transient slips.

Captains Cove Seaport has floating docks with 350 slips, including 30 transient slips in a safe storm port. Maximum vessel length is 200ft and dockside depth is 13ft. The marina offers diesel and gas fuel service, pump-out, 50amp electric, WiFi, restrooms/showers, laundry, and ice. Full-service repairs (hull, engine, props); 85-ton and 25-ton travel lifts; 85-ton crane. Captains Cove Seaport is located near Black Rock area of Bridgeport on Cedar Creek with easy access to Long Island Sound.

Cedar Marine Inc has 140 slips on floating docks with 8 transient slips for vessels with a maximum LOA of 70ft. Dockside depth is 7ft. Amenities include pump-out, 30amp electric, water, WiFI, restrooms/shower, ice, snacks, security, and is pet-friendly. The marina offers full-service repair/maintenance (hull, engine, props); 15-ton travel lift; DIY (do-it-yourself) repair work is allowed. Located near Black Rock area of Bridgeport on Cedar Creek with easy access to Long Island Sound.

Black Rock Yacht Club is a private club with club facilities for use of members and guests only. Founded in 1926, BRYC is located at historic Black Rock village on Long Island Sound. BRYC gives reciprocal privileges to members of other yacht clubs and offers a discounted transient rate. 7 moorings are available at a daily rate. Maximum vessel LOA is 50ft and dockside depth is 5ft; tide range is 6ft. Amenities include pool, ice, and snacks. Yacht Club dining is available to visiting yachtsmen and reciprocal club members—reservations are required.

Fayerweather Yacht Club was founded in 1919. The clubhouse was purchased in 1936 and continually improved over the decades. FYC features a 247ft main floating dock/bulkhead with a dockside depth of 5ft. Accommodates vessels up to 50ft LOA. 4 stanchions have 30amp electric ($5 fee). 3 stanchions have water hook-ups. Amenities include WiFi, restrooms/showers, Internet, ice, snacks, grills, dock carts, and pet friendly. Pump-out is available to non-members for a $5 fee. The transient dock is directly across the channel; dockage is limited to 1 week maximum. For sailboats, the low tide depth is 7ft. A daily rate is available for non-members. FYC is located on Black Rock Harbor; 2 skiffs are available for boats in the harbor. A picnic area is close to the dock; food can be ordered from the FYC kitchen and bar. Deck outside bar is available for drinks, lunch, dinner, and relaxing.

Dolphins Cove Restaurant & Marina has been family-owned and operated for 20+ years and is open year-round. The marina features floating docks with 40 slips for vessels with maximum 45ft LOA; call for transient slips. Amenities include 30amp electric, water, restrooms/showers, ice, snacks, and waterfront dining. The restaurant features fresh seafood, summer outdoor patio dining, and bar. Also sells live lobsters and clams year-round and seasonal conch and crabs. Dolphins Cove is located minutes from downtown Bridgeport’s new Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater at Harbor Yard, Webster Bank Arena, and the Port Jefferson Ferry dock. Slips are available for rent; transient docks available for Dock & Dine; call to reserve.