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It was 2002 in the Netherlands when entrepreneur and sailor, Sietse Koopmans, founded Zeelander Yachts. After years of his own personal boating, he decided to perfect a high-quality, cutting-edge, sports cruiser design of his very own! The yachts he had in mind would redefine the edge in cutting, using the highest quality materials inside and out. With an affinity for a boat with all curved surfaces, Sietse, believed he could capture the sun’s light, with this design, to perfectly reflect the hull at its finest angles.

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After six years of intensive study and research, in 2008, Sietse launched its Z44 with much applause at the Monaco Yacht Show and held many captive eyeing what they had never seen done with a 44 footer —the envy of even some of the mega yachts as this little beauty was taking attention away from them! Thirty Z44s were sold over the next few years, despite the economic recession the world was experiencing. It’s stunning lines combined with a silent and smooth ride was attracting owner after owner. It was coined as THE Luxury Lobster Boat around. The US market was excited to bring her over and after three years grabbed onto the trend along with Europe. Zeelander Yachts knew it was time to step it up in size after the Z44’s grand success and in November of 2015, the Z55 was born.

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Zeelander was becoming known for these models to wow the market with their stupendous seakeeping, silent and still ride, maintenance friendly and at a conservative cost for upkeep and, a bonus - easy handling. Their award-winning designer COR D. ROVER worked hand in hand with their team to reach new heights in yacht design and engineering. If it wasn’t enough to find a boat with superior handling, Zeelander’s signature look was capturing the hearts of the yachting world!

Let’s look further into the ever-popular Z44… buckle up as this baby will take us 35 knots over the deep blue sea!

What would make for a real innovative looking boat, Zeelander, asked themselves and the customers on the docks and all concurred —one with smooth curves and classic lines topped off with elegant class. The Z44 offers the finest interior finishes, as well, for those with the most discriminating taste. There isn’t anything left out that had worked before, as they’ve steered closely to ensure the Z44 keeps with traditional craftsmanship, yet does not leave out any of what modern technology now has to offer.

Curves, curves and more curves…mmmmmnnmmm… the type of curves that require 42 different molds. With double curved windows in the hull, all eyes will have no break in following the curved lines throughout. Offering it’s discerning owners a rest-assured ease in operating her with a high bow that provides protection against high seas and it’s double chines deflect the waves to keep everyone aboard nice and dry.

Keeping her speed to 35 knots, instead of its competitors 40 knots, was intentional to prevent slamming in the waves. Her joystick system is just that - a joy - as it will enable anyone the capability to run and dock her with the greatest of ease.

Should you decide to take her to the Exumas in the Bahamas, or other scenic spot, you’ll appreciate the 360° panoramic views from the raised seating areas and, will lure your friends to consider purchasing one too, when you tell them of your star watching from the oversized sunroof that transforms the wheelhouse into beach club style entertainment area!

Next stop on our ride, if you haven’t jumped off to stay aboard the Z44, we come to find the model Zeelander chose to invest it’s next efforts into—the Z55 - giving them an edge over most all of the competition for many reasons. With twice as much volume as the Z44, you’ll be able to invite a few more of your best friends to cruise the blue seas of Florida, the Bahamas or hop down to the Caribbean for some island hopping of a lifetime.

This model caused 67 molds to be created to build the exquisite interior superstructure. Superior Volvo engines are also offered to ensure a cruise like no other in its class.
Lower the LED lights and transform her into an on the water vip lounge, the hottest spots in Monaco won’t be able to provide. The best part of owning a Z55 is she may be customized to your specs —hard to find that in a yacht of this size!

Named Corniche after the ever popular seaside street that takes you from Monaco to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in France, allow me to introduce you to Zeelander’s latest project—the “topless” sister of the Z55 with available pre-launch opportunities for those who simply cannot wait!

Now you may think, gorgeous boats but I need even more space… well, then stay with me to our final stop… the Z72. Launched in March, the Z72, Zeelander’s flagship’s exterior was created in collaboration with Cor D. Rover. While sipping your champagne and enjoying a fresh fruit cup, you’ll be in heaven looking through her huge panoramic windows. Many lovely social areas allow for your guests to enjoy the yacht with you in total comfort and room. Think style and power as the sporty Z72’s top speed exceeds 40 knots.

As we pull into port, think back on the three amazing models we’ve just experienced and then, based on your personal desires, put a Zeelander Yacht on your ‘HOT LIST’ as this brand will leave you feeling great about any decision you make on a size by offering you a low-volume, high-quality perfect yacht —handmade in Holland. Oh, and, the only decision you’ll have to grapple with is which stunning interior to choose from.

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