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Introducing the Endurance 720, built by Hampton Yachts! Measuring in at 74’4”, this luxurious 3 stateroom yacht has 6 heads and plenty of living space for long term cruises along with full crew quarters. Her well-dressed sky lounge houses one of the heads. This brand-new beauty (2019) is built for entertaining.

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Most are impressed with the handling and ease of docking the vessel in tight spots and the exceptional visibility around the boat. The four extra control stations add a bit of convenience and fun when close to the dock.

As one takes the helm, there’s a definite feeling of being at the helm of a ship or a boat twice its size and weight. Hence the name, Endurance!

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Yes—the Hampton Endurance 720 Skylounge was designed with tremendous thought.

If a 72 is too large, then scale down and choose from the 600, 658 and the 680 or 680 Skylounge. And to further the decision making process, heads up for additional models coming soon —the 780 or 820 Skylounge or the 870 or 920 Skylounge.

How clever for Hampton Yachts to coin this line —Endurance. Of course a yacht with this name must possess a design that highlights safety and comfort, yet never skimps on performance in any way.

Endurance Yachts makes for the perfect blending of sturdy, offshore reliable construction backed by superb systems all topped off by super sweet living spaces.
Expert-engineered hulls and ongoing upgrades of every component and system add to Endurance’s appeal. Every detail can be easily fine-tuned since they have their own dedicated factory with expert craftsman and techs who start out with primo raw materials and top quality parts.

This new yacht line offers a stupendous Hampton VIP Owner's program to be able, in the case of emergency, offer help and advice 24/7 along with service arrangements worldwide.

As we look on the mastermind behind this genius yacht line, we come upon C.Y. Chen, who founded Hampton Yachts due to his love of the ocean and sailing. C.Y. took pride in what unraveled as a yacht company known for hand-building ocean going sailboats. There was a backup plan as the global market for sailboats took a dive and the Chen family applied their appropriate knowledge and began building ocean going motoryachts.

On another impressive note, the Chen family has birthed over 2,000 hulls since opening their doors!!! And their flagship brands, the Endurance long range cruiser and Hampton coastal pilothouse motoryacht have not only received high accolades from the industry heads but are loved by their owners. To aid in this, there’s now a production plant in Taiwan.

Their steady commitment to quality, design, engineering and craftsmanship makes Endurance an easy pick for a yacht in its class. For 50 years with its beginning in Taiwan by C.Y. Chen to its present state run by his son, company Managing Director, Jeff Chen.

It’s easy to see that Hampton Yachts are made in Hampton's own factory where the commitment to top of the line manufacturing along with the pride of craftsmanship shines through in each and every detail.
The company’s 200 expert craftsmen and women are directly employed and a majority of them with more than 20 years of experience. This privately owned —and well-funded for future growth— company means business with a foundation like theirs. They not only fully own their own manufacturing plants, but also are debt-free!

The whole team is dedicated to continuous improvement. The designers, engineers, craftsmen and anyone else on the Hampton Yachts/Endurance team, ensures there is no stone unturned in giving their owners the best product that is out there. Endurance will Exceed your Expectations from small - yet wonderful features such as the davit being positioned so their tender can be launched off the side or stern -weather permitting. Another new feature is the Split-chine hull design which prevents the chine slap at anchor.

Endurance provides for its owner to go for the long haul and cruise to their favorite destinations time and time again!

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