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As yachts keep up with the times and ensure their style is up to date with the rest of our modern world, it’s important to look for a builder who knows a bit more then how to attract you with flash and sparkle. Hampton Yachts definitely will impress without any fanfare, being known for its great mix of sturdy, ‘high-seas ready’ manufacturing backed up by its competent engineering systems with fabulously stylish and high - quality interiors.

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There won’t be any worry when it comes to trusting Hampton Yachts’ expert design and build techniques. Their impressive engineered hulls are just part of the mix as one will come to find their true passion is to continually work on improving the final product in all aspects. They keep things running like a tight ship in their own private shipyard and only employ the most competent and talented craftsmen and techs who are instructed to use only the best in raw materials and the finest of components.

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Any serious buyer will be thrilled to learn some history on the brand, so we’ve summarized some high points on just how they came to be! Zero in on a man named C.Y. Chen, the founder of Hampton Yachts, who adored the sea. Why wouldn’t he? He was a fabulous sailor, and decided to hand-build several ocean going sailboats. The Chen family saw a shift in the sailing market and decided to channel their skills to building seafaring motoryachts!

From 1965 and 2,000 hulls later, Hampton Yachts can attest to making a sure ‘splash’. They quickly became known for their flagship brands. These include the Endurance long range cruiser and the Hampton coastal pilothouse motoryacht both catching the attention of many and even some awards. The demand was great and they decided to set up shop in Taiwan.
When you think of success, this is a company that is known for their dedication to first-rate builds, state-of-the-art design, updated engineering and superb craftsmanship. Flashback to where it all began— 50 years ago in Taiwan, by C.Y. Chen and today by their company Managing Director —his son, Jeff Chen.

Hampton Yachts build their Endurance and Hampton yachts under their own shipyard’s roof where the top people make it all happen. There is a no-worry log when you get to ride in a Hampton Yacht as they are always built in Hampton's personal factory. Here the focus is on quality and style. Over 200 trained craftsmen and women, some with more than 20 years of experience, work together to ensure each yacht is a peach. This builder is not only a privately owned, debt-free, well-funded company, but has the ability to branch out at any time in an attempt at expansion.

For those who like customizing their rides, anyone’s Wildest dreams may be made available with Hampton Yachts from their perfect finishes down to each yacht’s superb layout. Each buyer can choose from a fireplace to an exotic wood interior —they have access to it all!
And this semi-custom manufacturer does it differently.

First off, let’s take a look at the Hampton Yachts Group VIP Ownership Program where members will be able to enjoy stress-free boating with their first-class training program and a support team like no other to assist in any service needs.

When safety is high on your ‘must have’ list, this feature is most appreciated. All Endurance Yachts —have a decade-old reviewer to keep an eye on passenger safety standards in light, any ocean conditions. Built to the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) safety standards for design, construction and equipage.

Their high performance hulls were created by world renowned Naval Architect Howard Apollonio and after tank testing, have been modified to perfection.

Hampton Yachts prides itself in each employee’s desire to help out with a continuously improved product at every step. These experts are always on the look-out for ways to improve any area of the yacht from the systems to the most minute details. Why? It is their main goal to Exceed each customer’s Expectations.

Customization at its best for each and every boat being born with their in-house design team who can make every wish come true. When you are a semi-custom builder like Hampton Yachts, you make sure your offering a wide variety of custom interior options, from layouts to unique one of a kind finishes - each set apart from the other - on all their yachts. Thinking of a brand new hull and you’ll receive a whopping $50,000 credit for your favorite electronics package.

The Hampton Yachts are decked out for long rides on the sea, hosting your guests aboard in style with every safety concern put to rest. Customers are thrilled by their generous array of optional goodies including: yacht controller, water maker, tender package, security system, and more!

Join the family of Hampton Yachts and you’ll feel like royalty!

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