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Iconic “go-fast” offshore racing powerboat, Fountain, was first built by legendary professional tunnel hull boat racer, Reggie Fountain Jr in the 1970s. Reggie began racing tunnel hull powerboats as early as age 14 and eventually turned professional, racing tunnel hulls for the lofty Mercury factory team.

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By his second year in pro boat racing, Reggie Fountain set two world records and earned three national, closed-course championships in one day! He began building his own racing boats by modifying the hulls of others and formed his own boat building business in 1979 on the Pamlico River facility in Washington, North Carolina, after his modifications significantly transformed the boats into his own. That launched his career in creating the most innovative, high quality, powerful race-proven boats known worldwide. Reggie Fountain, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, continues his involvement with the Fountain brand as consultant to Iconic Marine Group (IMG), owned by Fred Ross.

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It was in the early 1990s that Reggie Fountain introduced the “Positive Lift Hull” a revolutionary stepped hull design that increased acceleration, improved handling and cornering agility, reduced fuel consumption, and has been a signature element of Fountain boats since its development. Reggie Fountain went on to win 101 of the 201 races he entered, breaking records, and using the victories to promote Fountain Powerboats. Another Fountain design feature was the “hawk beak” flared bow point that added length without adding wetted surface for a competitive advantage. The number 76 with red, white, and blue paint format of his racing Fountain, was Reggie’s patriotic tribute to America.

The high-performance stepped hull design was utilized in Fountain’s transition into the immensely popular category of offshore center console fishing boats, providing recreational offshore fishermen with the benefits of running efficiently and safely—with the speed to get to best fishing spots quickly and outrun the competition back to weigh-in dock.

As with many other boat-building companies, the 2008 recession caused severe financial hardship, and Fountain sold the company in 2009. After changing hands a few times, Fountain was acquired by Iconic Marine Group (IMG) in May 2016, along with Baja, Donzi and Pro-Line brands, by partners Joe Wortley and Fred Ross. The Pro-Line brand was sold to partner Joe Wortley in December 2016 and the group of three—Fountain, Baja, and Donzi remained with Fred Ross, with each brand focused on a specific market segment. All are built in the former Fountain Powerboats factory in Washington, NC.

IMG also developed a line of outboard powered catamarans, including the Fountain 34 Thunder Cat. The Fountain brand is especially appealing to “purists” for the ultimate in speed and handling. IMG brought back the Fountain 42 Lightning, considered by many to be the most legendary go-fast vee bottom ever built. The updated 42 Lightning’s performance is likened to a “rocketship,” while the design and styling updates to its classic lines have made the deck and cockpit more comfortable. Fountain’s roots of thrill seeking, Poker Run racing ultra-high performance “go-fasts” are attracting today’s market with the sheer speed and performance of the best handling boats on the water.

Fountain hulls are designed to take on the most powerful engines available today, and power options are offered up to triple 400hp. Constructed by the most elite skilled craftsmen in the marine industry, the super ventilated Positive Lift Hull and other technologies combine with Fountain’s unified 4-step construction process to produce time-tested and competition-proven performance, whether fishing, cruising, racing or relaxing—qualities retaining value at resale.

The use of the carbon fiber material for its lightweight strength is a new direction for Fountain construction moving forward. The 2021 Bluewater fishing boat series (34CC, 34TE, 38CC) continues in the Fountain tradition of premium construction, unparalleled performance, and distinctive styling that have made Fountain the most award-winning brand in boating history! The Fountain 43NX and 39NX models combine the function and performance of Center Consoles with the features of a luxury sport boat. And the Performance 38SC, 34SC, 42 Lightning, and 34 Thunder Cat (power catamaran) are built for the thrill of speed.

The preowned Fountain USA brokerage market offers a range of Fountain models:

1989 – 1999 models currently available are Lightnings, Fevers, Center Consoles, and Sport Cruisers. Pricing ranges from about $35,000 for a 1989 29ft Fever to about $130,000 for a 1999 42 Lightning. Median price is about $82,500.

2000 – 2009 models currently available are Lightnings, Executioners, Sportfish Cruisers, and Center Consoles. Pricing ranges from about $80,000 for a 2000 31ft Center Console to a 2007 47 Lightning listed at about $530,000. Median asking price is about $305,000.

2010 – 2019 models currently available are Center Consoles and Express Cruisers. Pricing ranges from about $289,000 for a 2019 34ft Center Console to about $359,000 for a 2018 38ft Center Console. Median asking price is about $324,000.

2020 – 2021 Center Console model pricing is mostly unlisted. A 2021 43NX is listed at about $699,000 and a 2021 34TE is listed at about $339,000.

NEW 2022 models are also mostly unlisted and on order. A 2022 43NX is listed at about $1,338,710 and a 34SC is listed at about $549,995.

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