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Based in the Netherlands with roots reaching back to 1849, Feadship is one of an elite group of yacht builders that can truly say they build custom superyachts. The Feadship name, an acronym of First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, is synonymous with experience, quality, and luxury. Originally a group of six Dutch shipyards, the Feadship family today is comprised of the Royal Van Lent Shipyard, the De Vries Group, De Voogt Naval Architects, and have become one of Netherland’s most elite yacht builders delivering amazingly opulent superyachts from 130ft to over 300ft in length.

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Feadship is recognized as the world leader in pure custom superyacht builds; each bespoke Feadship is a single-model yacht, as individual as the owner who commissioned her. Each design project begins with a blank canvas and entails creating a magnificent motor yacht that is unlike any other in the world, a one-off luxury yacht that exclusively and uniquely reflects the character and intended use of each client. The Feadship design philosophy is to begin fresh and assume that everything is possible; solutions, not sacrifices are the key to make a client’s vision become a reality.

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Royal Van Lent Shipyard (one of the Royal Dutch Shipyards group), builder of the high-end Feadship brand is one of the many luxury lifestyle houses of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), the global leader in select luxury brands. The century-long heritage and ultimate fusion of style, performance, and perfect craftsmanship of the bespoke Feadship yachts is in perfect synergy with the LVMH business model of long-term vision, values, heritage, creativity, and excellence driving current and future success.
The Feadship Group was formed in 1949 as a marketing partnership of six Dutch shipyards—de Vries Lentch, Van de Stadt, Witsen & Vis, Akerboom, De Vries Schoepsbouw, and Van Lent Shipyard, plus De Voogt Naval Architects.

After WWII collapsed the European market for recreational vessels, the Van Lent family envisioned an opportunity with the booming American market and introduced Feadship to the American public at the 1951 New York Boat Show, impressing Show judges and clients with the high quality and especially, with the skillful use of steel and aluminum, which was rarely used by North American yacht builders at that time. As orders poured in, Feadship no longer built wooden boats after 1955 and was firmly established in the American market, having attracted the attention of the wealthy and famous, including publishing magnate, Malcolm Forbes, who commissioned the first of his three Feadships named The Highlander, in 1957. Today many of these classic yachts from the 1960s are leading members of the Feadship Heritage Fleet, an independently operated owners group established in 2013 for social gatherings.

In addition to new custom superyacht construction, Feadship designs and builds custom Tenders for continuity with the Feadship experience and offers dedicated charter and refit services exclusively for Feadships. To maintain brand value, Feadship offers a Certificate of Authenticity program by Feadship experts to owners and captains for a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of older Feadships. Those that have been maintained to builder standards of perfection will be presented the Feadship Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring brand value to a buyer of a preowned Feadship.

As of 9/22/21 there are about three dozen Feadship yachts listed for sale in the USA, Bahamas, and Europe, and Asia. Below are some stats regarding currently available preowned Feadships. Currencies fluctuate with Foreign Exchange rates; listed prices are not exact, but an indication of the high value retained by these exceptional yachts.

Of the two classic Feadships from the 1950s, the 1957 Feadship 90ft Sailing Vessel in the Netherlands is the oldest, priced at about $2,334,000. The 1958 Feadship 83ft Motoryacht in France is listed at about $1,038,000.

There are 11 classic yachts from the 1960s and 1970s, ranging in length from the 1965 53ft van Lent in the Netherlands priced at about $557,000 to the timeless 1975 145ft Custom Motor Yacht priced at about $17,600,000.

Eleven custom Feadship Motor Yachts from the 1980s and 1990s range in length from the 1984 87ft Gentlemen’s Sport Yacht in Newport, RI priced at nearly $6million to the 158ft 1997 Tri Deck MY in Cannes, France at about $14,900,000 and the 1986 162ft Tri Deck MY in Newport, RI for about $8,500,000.

The final group of 11 Feadship Motor Yachts from years 2000 to 2020 range in length from the 2016 111ft custom motor yacht in Hong Kong priced at about $18,800,000 to the 2007 220ft custom motor yacht in Italy for about $63,400,000. The highest priced Feadship superyacht on the market is the 2013 203ft custom motor yacht asking about $104,447,000.

Some of the most unusual and famous Feadship superyachts are VENUS, a high-tech, ultra-private yacht built for the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Inc. and launched in 2012; COMO/LADY MAY launched 2014, is one of the most innovative 138ft superyachts (along with VENUS), for the utilization of glass technology; launched in 2007, the 218ft PREDATOR with x-bow was designed for a client wanting a sport yacht look and speed—planing hull can hit 28 knots; MADAME GU, 297ft Feadship launched in 2013, also features a long sporty profile, but on a full-displacement hull—named Motor Yacht of the Year in 2014 World Superyacht Awards; launched in 2015, SYMPHONY is one of Feadships largest at 304ft—features a dark blue hull and 18ft contraflow pool; famous Feadship HIGHLANDER, was built for publisher Malcolm Forbes in 1967 (first of three) and is one of the most beautiful classic yachts; winner of Motor Yacht of the Year 2016 World Superyachts Awards, SAVANNAH was launched in 2015 and features CG Designs’ ground-breaking interior of curved walls and corridors, rich woods, intricate stonework, and 50 sliding doors, along with the clean, elegant exterior by Feadships’ De Voogt Naval Architects and the eco-friendly Breathe hybrid propulsion developed by Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards in 2010; AQUARIUS, the 276ft ultra-quiet Feadship superyacht commissioned by hospitality magnate, Steve Wynn was designed and engineered to his exacting standards—features crew quarters for a staff of 31 and seven staterooms by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design for 14 guests.

Each Feadship superyacht is built by the world’s top echelon of maritime architects, designers, engineers, craftsmen in all disciplines to create these exceptional yachts to last and hold their value and share the same vision and standard of perfection as the Feadship owners. Feadship’s innovation and creativity as a world leader in pure custom superyachts, continue to break ground as ideas are explored with Feadship Future Concept designs.

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