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Baglietto Yachts is one of the longest standing builders of luxury motor yachts in the world, going back well over a century. Think 1854 in Varazze, Italy, and, believe it or not, you’ll open the stage to an inventive man named Pietro Baglietto whose decision to begin building small fishing boats and dinghies was just the very beginning of what would be a long line of boats and yachts to follow. These small boats and tenders were not built in a yard, but in the backyard of his very own home!

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The story will continue to marvel you as we find that in 1888, he built a pleasure vessel for no other than a Pope. Yes, Pope Leone XIII retained Pietro to build a pleasure vessel for him!

As we flip the page to the beginning of the twentieth century, Pietro Baglietto began known for building motor boats. ‘Giuseppina’, launched in 1906, was the largest cruising motoryacht, at 22.6 meters. Her combustion engine was the first one Italy had ever seen. Pietro passed away and Bernardo and Giovanni Battista (his sons) got in the business of building airships and flying boats for the Italian Aeronautical Ministry.

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To learn how Baglietto’s years of racing boats started, we advance forward to the years between 1920-1940. Baglietto was asked by the Italian Navy to produce a never-before-seen project for a torpedo unit. Hence a new generation of military vessels, known as MAS, “motorboats anti-submarines”. These MAS creations were known for their amazing structure, maneuverability and ocean-going skills. In 1936, they broke records in their class, for reaching the speed of 50 knots. And in 1938, the world speed record achieved by the MAS sport version in the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th categories, catapulted the shipyard to worldwide fame status. In 1938, Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy, reached out after hearing of this to have Baglietto build him the 15-meter ME91 and in 1932 a famous poet requested a 12 m yacht ‘Alcyone’ be built.

“Alcyone” was inspired by MAS and hence the phrase “memento audere semper” came to be.

The focus shifted in the years of 1945-1960 to the building of leisure motor-yachts.
First, was the launch of the Seagull Brand —a series of wooden vessels taking the Mediterranean islands as their birth names: Elba (11,5 meters), Ischia (16 meters), Capri (14 meters), Minorca (20 meters) and Maiorca (22 meters) whose hull was ffrom the legendary MAS boats. The plywood used was light and sturdy, allowing for the use of new construction methods specifically to the interior. ‘Ischia’ became all the rage with its stellar performances and beautiful lines. ‘Ischia’ was the one model that you would have seen at least one moored in every major Italian and French marina. The yard was busy popping this baby ’Ischia’ out with a whopping 84 units being built in 9 years. From 1959 on to 1967, three versions ‘Ischia’, ‘Ischia Super’ and ‘Ischia 16-meter’ were created.

The M series wowed the industry with it’s design and performance and the Flying Bridge was created giving all the ability to look above to the top deck where great entertaining would now have the option to take place high above the deck. This had never been seen before!

1970-1980 was the beginning of the aluminum years. In 1983, the Rodriguez family, known for producing hydrofoils, took on the task of owner of the yard. Several types of aluminum were used to achieve the soft, rounded lines which was the main feature of Baglietto then and in the upcoming years.

Hydrofoil propulsion was also introduced which allowed their latest vessels the ability to excel in performance. Super-yachts would be the obvious next step for Baglietto who were then the leader in aluminum boats.

Stunning superyacht ‘Al Fahedi’, was a44.82-meter long masterpiece designed by Mr. Giovanni Zuccon, the Roman architect, for Dubai Emirate. Up next, was a 35-meter motor-yacht ‘Adler’ known as the very first Italian super-yacht, designed in 1987 by Alberto Mercati based on a hydrofoil propulsion to reach a speed of 36 knots.

The main event and masterpiece of the time was ‘Chato’ the last motor-yacht for Baron John van Neumann, an American ship-owner looking to possess the fastest motor-yacht in the Mediterranean sea. His yacht was built in 1988 by Baglietto yard. This 26-meter yacht displacing 60 tons had two MTU engines with 2,610 Hp. After some back and forth between owner and ship-yard, the added two hydrofoils KaMeWa to the two very powerhouse MTU 3.480 Hp engines with an impressive 7,000 Hp for a yacht of her size which had only two cabins. And what a surprise to all when she hit 62,5 knots on her test cruise!

Mr. Giampiero Moretti acquired the yard in 1983 and took Baglietto to a period of research in design.

The period from 1990-2000 was a shift to larger yachts. in 2001 ‘Thunderball’ came to be the first series of 34-meter “speed demon” motor yachts.

2005-2010 took us into some rough times and Baglietto yard was acquired by Camuzzi Group. Francesco Paszkowski’s remarkably unique style lead the way.

The Gavio Group took the reins from 2012 on.

In 2018, the builder was awarded the BOAT INTERNATIONAL DESIGN & INNOVATION AWARDS. With Andiamo as the finalist and best of the Best Exterior Styling Motor Yachts 45m and up.

The Baglietto brand’s new look can be seen by taking a peek at the fabulous layout of its shipyard. A 32,000 sq. m. spot, with a 700-ton travel lift fit for the haulage of ships up to 60 m.
Its new covered basin allows the shipyard the ability to welcomes up to 12 ships simultaneously. Her updated covered basins can house ships up to 120 m. long, and the covered shelter is utlitized when new ship orders come in — up to 55 m. long.

On December 12, 2019, following the success of motor yachts Andiamo and Silver Fox, Baglietto shipyard received much attention for the sale of the 48-meter T-Line, hull no. 10233 to a South American Owner. This beauty is the flagship model of the Baglietto T-Line.
The shipyard, designer Francesco Paszkowski, and her very yacht-savvy Owner, collaborated to incorporate elegant, yet practical changes to guarantee a masterpiece for Baglietto for sure.

For those yachtsmen looking for an Italian boatbuilder that specializes in production of light aluminum alloy yachts from 35 and 65 meters along with steel and light aluminum alloy displacement mega-yachts above 40 meters, look no further. Baglietto also offers a full range of options in the planning and displacement categories, plus the ‘tender’ line, with a 13 m and a 19 m MV model. You’ll be quite satisfied, and then some, heading the Baglietto direction for sure!

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