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Admiral is the flagship brand of The Italian Sea Group, a builder who knows how to create a world of luxurious quality vessels using innovations in design that focuses on their attention to detail with a scoop of design and a cup of art to make a product that exudes the essence of what “Made in Italy’ is well-known for. These incredible yachts range from 37 to 145 meters. And in total, since 1966 Admiral has launched 144 of the magnificent beauties.

Giovani Costantino and chairman of The Italian Sea Group believes that the focus on every last detail ensures each owner a ship of top quality that’s been thoroughly researched by all of the company’s 25 designers who pump out customized layouts that leave their client’s awestruck with marvel at their ability to meet their every need.

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There is never a shortage of a grand plethora of the finest woods, marbles, fabrics, leathers and luxury accessories so that each yacht’s ideal perfection in the highest-level of exterior and interior design is achieved.

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Let’s take a look back to the 1950s. This was a time when Admiral took a stab at building wooden yachts under the brand name, ‘Arcobaleno Super’, which later was known as ‘President’. 1966 an 18 meter wood yacht was born.
Travel forward to the mid-1970s when a 30 meter wood yacht was launched by the ‘Cantieri Navali Lavagna’ launched the first 30 meter motor yacht made of wood which catapulted the brand to new heights as the industry was quite impressed with this feat!

At this same time, Admiral received much attention for it’s classic vessel “MAU MAU”, a 34 meters, four engine racer, making top speeds of 32 knots.
“SAHARET”, “IPSUM”, “ERAF”, “KADIA”, “SAUDADE” and a few others all over 30 meters were produced giving Admiral the attention of all since nothing over 18 meters was even known at this point in time.

They prided themselves in their use of light alloy - come 1982 - when the shipyard announced the first light alloy ADMIRAL clocking in at 23.50 meters.
From then on, they were known to be the premier builder of steel and aluminium yachts.

As we head into a new era - November of 2011, The Italian Sea Group acquired Admiral.
Giovanni Costantino, then Chairman and CEO of Tecnomar didn’t miss a beat falling most comfortably into his awesome position as Chairman and CEO of The Italian Sea Group.
His goal here was to increase the presence of the Group with Admiral’s world renowned and well-esteemed brand.

With 11 different series in steel and aluminum, Admiral’s pride and joys from 37 to 145 meters, are one of three types : planing, semi-displacement and displacement. There is nothing that the team at The Group, can’t make happen based on their client’s requests —customization at it’s best!

The unique building site is a massive 100.000 square meters, with 11 production bays, a huge dry dock and a 2200 ton floating barge for super yachts up to 150m. Once inside, you’ll be sure to notice nothing is left out to ensure all of their customers and visitors get a taste of the Italian Culture and Lifestyle that embodies each special Admiral produced. They’ve even partnered with several International artists to display their finest works inside the Headquarters to keep the theme consistent throughout. It won’t be a surprise at this point in discovering the passion The Italian Sea Group has for pleasing it’s guests and customers, that there is even a

fabulous lounge bar and lovely Michelin Chef-run restaurant! Going over the top, seems to be their style.

To run through the YACHT MODELS, our first introduction is to the Admiral ARGO. With 42 - 52 & 63 meter options, this semi displacement, aluminum stunner was developed by The Italian Sea Group – Admiral. With an innovative design and the latest in technology, ARGO surpasses the standard with many exciting features, such as a large, exquisitely designed, aft deck pool complete with a fantastic beach club spot complete with spa —even showcasing it’s own roomy beach balcony. The sundeck offers it’s owners a gym, jacuzzi along with an awesome touch and go helipad. The design lends itself to emulate a Monaco Nightclub feel with it’s sophisticated chill vibe. Every eye on the dock at the most exclusive marinas you’ll be mooring at, will be on this piece-of-art on the water for sure.

As we continue on, we come across the Admiral ATOS. Models include a 38, 42 & 46 meter option. Built with a semi displacement hull in aluminium alloy.

Next is what they call the Admiral C FORCE. With a range of models such as the 50, 60, 65, 75 & 85 meter, this displacement hull is built in - as the Italians would call it - Acciaio & Alluminio.

The E MOTION, in either a 55 or 60 meter choice, is an aluminum displacement hull with a forward design-appeal. Like the glamour and glitz of the French and Italian Riviera, then you’ve found the right yacht to cruise the seas of these areas as sophisticated, chic is her middle name. They’ve certainly not left out comfort, with her panoramic spaces, and sleek exterior lines that can give you the feel of a female profile resting on the water. This highly refined marina exciter, will never leave, even the most avant garde, wanting anything more. E Motion is available in a 55 and 60 meter. Admiral Quinta Essentia was launched as an E Motion and has dazzled all.

Speaking of dazzling, the next model, ENVY has a 40 or 50 meter option in this
aluminum, semi displacement hulled Admiral.

GALILEO, is a steel & aluminum displacement yacht with the following models: 62 - 65 - 70 - 80 & 105.

IMPERO comes in a 40 & 40 RPH; 45 & 45 RPH; 47 & 60. Available in a Displacement or Semi-Displacement hull, she’s built in either steel & aluminum or just aluminum.

MAXIMA is Admirals: 37, 47, 55 or 750GRT, & 55 or 880GRT & even a 60 meter model.
With a displacement hull, she’s built with steel & aluminum.

MITO also offers a displacement hull and is constructed with their signature steel & aluminum hull with a 55 and a 76 meter.

Up next…and what an impressive fleet at that… is the Admiral MOMENTUM with: a 40, 45, 47, 60 and a 85 meter model, built in the semi displacement or displacement style in aluminum or steel & aluminum.

Admiral Yachts, offers another stunning yacht, designed for adventure, however, not leaving out any creature comforts or safety provisions. Named the MOMENTUM EXPLORER, with a 45 - 50 - 57 & 65 meter offering, this displacement steel ship has an impressive cruising range of 5000 NM, over the top storage below and on deck to properly house the extensive array of watertoys, tenders, subs and gear. The 50M Explorer is capable of cruising from sea to shining sea all around the world. Fully customizable to each owner’s tastes, she also comes in a 45M, 57M and 65M.

When looking at which Admiral suits you, you’ll also have your choice of additional models such as the Admiral REGALE (a planing yacht built in aluminum with a 37, 42 HT, 42 RPH & a 45), the S – FORCE 55 (semi-displacement/aluminum), the VESTAL (found in a 42 - 50 - 62 in semi-displacement / displacement and aluminum / steel & aluminum).

Stopping at the VETTA 40, we find a displacement, aluminum alloy built innovator of the seas, she boasts a futuristic profile yet offers generous space and unrivaled design only found on larger yachts. Her aft deck is an impressive outdoor space for relaxing with your best friends and family and enjoying spectacular views while dining. From here, you’ll step atop to the upper deck where sunning will be the popular sport with breaks an option utilizing her large sundeck Jacuzzi situated perfectly for a movie nite as she’s equipped with the ability to set her up as your very own outdoor movie theater if so desired!

The interior is stunning with the finest in materials from around the world. Tall windows support a bright and light salon area that flood the room with sunshine. Her main stateroom is most spacious and features a separate office, a his and her head and shower and dressing room. You’re friends will be moving their calendar around to ensure an invite as she offers four additional guest staterooms all with impressive space The crew’s area is accessible by their own private staircase for perfect privacy to owner and guests.

As we near the end of the list of models Admiral offers, let’s not miss the X LENCE with it’s 47 - 60 & 65 models and built as a displacement yacht in steel & aluminum.

Finally, taking a closer look - we step into the incredible Admiral X FORCE 145 (displacement hull built in steel & aluminum). Combining low profile with elegance, this extraordinary mega yacht is an impressive 145 meters of continuous glass ensuring breathtaking views from every angle. Head aft to find her beach club that provides for you and your guests to have lots of fun enjoying the watertoys with easy access to the blue waters below! Her outdoor areas are endless and she features a helipad for easy access. Her futuristic design doesn’t leave us cold at all as the welcoming interior and beach club do nothing but invite everyone aboard to sink in and enjoy! With private balconies in the VIP suite, indoor gardens and elegant fireplaces will please the most well traveled yachtsman while the owner’s area is an entire deck 55 metres in length. The excitement continues with a bi-level main dining room, a large hangar for cars and toys and even two cinemas!

Admiral is the epitome of a fully customized, luxurious dream that can be a reality to the most fortunate.

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