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Our stop takes us back to 1907 when a new yacht manufacturer named Abeking & Rasmussen was founded by George Abeking and Henry Rasmussen. They opened a shipyard in Lemwerder, Germany on the left bank of the River Weser. Fast forward to 2019, and this builder who has stayed the chartplotter (as in yacht navigation terms), will walk you through the same shipyard, which now has five production halls along with workshops and offices along with its very own inner harbour and a syncrolift to handle all of the yachts and their customer's needs.

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Abeking & Rasmussen has been in yachting headlines and received many awards due to their incredible innovations such as the launch of the world’s fastest diesel yacht, the invention of non-magnetic steel or an exciting technology — SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull). If you’re interested in what the "SWATH@A&R" stands for, then as you continue reading you’ll soon find that in 1999 this technology was released. Thirty of these yachts were built with this option which gave them the advantage of a stable and calm voyage even in the stormiest waters. the shipyard delivered almost 30 extremely accomplished "SWATH@A&R" (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull). The shipyard won accolades across the yacht building world to become the world leader in this area of expertise.

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From their 250 Minesweepers, with the first birthed in 1930, to the Pimm in 1936 —where the performances of their creations caused a spike in worldwide orders, Abeking & Rasmussen had a solid path paved from the start. In 1963, GERMANIA VI, became the primo sailing yacht of the German Regatta scene. Winning the Travemuende week, this premier sailing yacht in the A&K family, attracted much attention with it’s welded aluminum hull. As if these feats weren’t enough to stick to what they’ve been successful at, the builders decided to push the envelope of yachting further—introducing KALAMOUN, the fastest diesel mother yacht worldwide. Clocking in at an impressive and never seen before, 46 knots - she struck a popular chord with the yachtsmen with this milestone in the year 1973.

SILVER SHALIS, in 1983, was known as the fastest jet drive yacht, attracting the customers looking for something that was unusual and yet very familiar from the James Bond movies!

HETAIROS, was a 42m sloop and - as is now - the last mahogany mega yacht built. This classic, luxurious yacht, made it to the scene in 1995, is known for her uniqueness in design and hi-tech features. The cocktail table book of the century —THE ART OF SHIPBUILDING THE A&R BOOK (1907 – 2010)—was the hot read in 2010.

The shipyard manager, Hermann Schaedla, passed his fifty year baton to capable HANS SCHAEDLA in 2011. Seven years later, they were standing in the ranks with 111 yachts in 111 years!

To review the largest yacht in their fleet we come to learn more about Excellence (with space ship style, this handsome 80-meter superyacht has sleek lines, an expansive glass front with an equally exciting interior—including a two-deck foyer ensconced in seamless glass panels providing for a view that has no boundaries. Excellent (hence her name) features include a main deck swimming pool, a spacious Beach Club and your very own, very convenient limousine tender!

The latest SWASH concept from Abeking & Rasmussen flies in a class of its own. The Hydro-SWASH is situated high above the waves instead of the typical gliding through protocol. Imagine being able to fly and sail at the same time! This experience is one to remember as thanks to the SWATH genes, your day cruiser will remain calm even in stormy seas.

The well-known, ’Made in Germany’ brand, excels in keeping its high resale value and in some cases is much higher than the original and continually succeeds in staying ahead of the times.

A&R’s global reputation is being known for the highest quality custom motor yachts from 45 to 125 meters. One of the longest established yacht builders, this impressive builder possesses a family approach in their business to allow their customers the ability to be at ease in their build experience. Every yacht built is mirrored to the design and personality of its owner and is always the highest level of functionality, reliability and top aesthetics. Let’s not forget, her super SWATH-concept —with the first ever built SWATH type yacht being rewarded with the World Superyacht Technology Award.

Her expert craftsmen and technical service workers are behind each masterpiece.

One last note, when thinking of an Abeking & Rasmussen, don’t forget they manufacture cruise ships. These cruise ships are built as monohulls or using their SWATH@A&R technology and offer something wonderful for guests looking for ‘fabulous’. To date, 6504 A&R ships have been built —the most discerning buyers will sit rest assured, this group of professionals will build them a yacht that is ‘one of a kind’ with the highest of standards all around.

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