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While G&S Yachts are no longer building custom sportfishing boats any more, the imprint they left on the industry will not be forgotten. Many of their boats are still selling on the brokerage market for high re-sale values thanks to the quality of construction, stunning looks, and the right equipment on board for anglers. United Yacht Sales has a custom sportfish team that can assist you in finding the right G&S boat to fit your needs and budget, both on and off the market.

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The legendary team of Buddy Gentry, a Destin, Florida charter boat captain and Steve Sauer, designer and nautical engineer, formed their partnership in 1973, after building their first fiberglass boat together in the late 1960s. Their business partnership and friendship thrived for 45 years, and 52 highly prized custom sportfish boats were built for an extremely loyal client base of owners and captains on Florida’s Panhandle Gulf Coast and beyond. The early wide-beam 31 ft sportfishing hull became an immediate classic among the local Destin charter fleet for its excellent performance. As orders expanded beyond the charter fleets, G&S Boats moved their operations in 2000 to a larger yard in Freeport, Florida. The greater space allowed them to focus on the growing high-end sportfishing boat market wanting larger vessels (up to 72 ft.). Designed and built for serious offshore sport fishing, the G&S team focused on performance, developing a hull and stern design that produced an astonishing number of world-record gamefish.

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Steve Sauer, who passed away in 2018, was a perfectionist and the legacy he and Buddy Gentry built are the beautiful masterpiece G&S Sportfishing boats, recognized world-wide by light-tackle anglers and trophy gamefishermen as the best boat to own for bringing in record-setting billfish! Each vessel is a unique handcrafted, built-to-order vessel; a G&S signature piece, as the jig is tossed away, and no production molds exist! This painstaking, labor-intensive process of hand-laid fiberglass composite construction ensured lightweight strength and no structural wood, for greater fuel efficiency and simpler maintenance. Over the decades the hull was refined with G&S trademark features like the wedge sections in the stern and rounded transom, giving lift and superior handling in reverse and diverting green water to the sides. Through engineering, the weight of the larger boats (over 40 ft) was balanced fore and aft using the fuel tanks, adjusting the center of gravity to allow dizzying spins and achieve reverse plane, going from 5 knots forward to 9 knots in reverse for amazing maneuverability on a wily marlin hooked on light tackle.

Steve Sauer’s designs incorporated beautiful, graceful lines with set-back deckhouse, open flybridge, and shear of the classic high flare bow tapering down to the cockpit and convex transom. A sharp entry and bow flare deflect waves for a dry comfortable ride. The hull bottom features prop pockets for improved efficiency and a shallower draft, giving greater range with less fuel consumed. Cockpits were set-up for the business of fishing—wide open, plenty of space for fighting chair and any other amenities and equipment, desired by the owner, such as tuna towers. Interior accommodations varied with each owner’s specifications. Though new builds of G&S Sportfish boats are no longer available, these meticulously engineered and masterfully crafted boats retain their value, especially when the boat has been refit, updated and kept in Bristol condition, evidence of pride of ownership.

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