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When looking for a fine sport fishing boat, you’ll most definitely need one that will be well suited not only to catch some big game and your favorite fish, but that will ‘catch’ your eye as that perfect dream boat. As I unfold the story of Gamefisherman, dream will begin to be realized as a near reality…this fisherman’s machine is built right in our hometown of Stuart, Florida.

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This ever current builder, has all sportfish enthusiasts getting their rods ready as they announce the upcoming launch of the most recent model —the NEX GEN series. These 43’ semi-custom boats, built from premium composite materials, will be offered to its customers as a choice of Flybridge, Express or Walk-Around design.

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All Next Generation Gamefishermans, exclusively designed by Naval Architect Erwin Gerards, encompass all that’s needed to comfortably fish and travel by being built with lots more creature comforts —without reducing fishing performance. With those important factors being blended, fuel efficient, easy riding trips to the islands and other locales are most achievable. Erwin brings 20 years of design/build experience with some of the best in custom yacht building, His impressive knowledge and extensive experience draw all sport fishing enthusiasts to turn to him to co-plan their perfect vessel.

With a passion for anything boating and fishing, Erwin moved to South Florida in 1999 when he was hired as the in-house Naval Architect at Rybovich Spencer. The head builder there, Gary Hilliard, took him under his wing and Erwin became a sponge learning the gamut on sport fishing boats as well as the very tight industry he was now a small part of. It’s a bit interesting to know that Gary had originally been hired by Mike Matlack who used to be the Rybovich yard manager there (before he created Gamefisherman). Erwins designs and construction methods can be attributed to the lessons he learned from Gary. When Rybovich Spencer was sold to the Huizinga family in 2004, Erwin left to start his own design firm, EG Designs.

These next years, found Erwin designing custom sport fish for Michael Rybovich, Gamefisherman, Garlington. His unique set of tools and insight from working with these top builders, is what sets Gamefisherman apart.

There is another arm involved in this machine…a custom sport fishing boat owner, operator, well used to maintaining vessel after vessel…Scott Dunnuck. A true family man who also oversees the building of these great sport fishing boats. His love for the ocean began at an early age when his dad became a charter captain and led Erwin to begin building his knowledge. Getting to sit and talk ‘shop’, at such a young age, with some of the best offshore fishing experts at a young age, fed his engine to continue his venture.

Thirty years as a commercial real estate broker/investor, he then was given the opportunity to purchase Gamefisherman from Mike Matlack and he looked to his friend, Erwin, to be his partner. Perhaps his love for restoring old classic sport fishing boats or his around the world fishing trips with family, he knew this move was right.

As we see the company today, Erwin and Scott heard Mike Matlack hint that he wanted to pass this legendary company onto new blood and they were thrilled to be the chosen ones to carry on the Gamefisherman brand. The timing was perfect for all!

Matlack founded Gamefisherman in 1985 and succeeded at producing the finest sport fishing boats around. Scott Dunnuck and Erwin Gerards bought the company in 2018–and continued the trend of pumping out high-quality sport fish —and there was a lot to look up to with Gamefiserman’s busy ownership launching 58 boats in that period. You’ll hear of Gamefisherman being spotted all around the world now with records of catching the most exotic species.

These boats are built to the highest of yacht standards as well as to American Boat and Yacht Council Specifications standard. They are the best addition, worldwide, to any mothership operation and expedition fishing.

These sport fishing beauties have been built in the traditional cold molded as well as a fiberglass boat in a variety from 30’ to the latest 50’ express. Gamefisherman can boast the title of premier builder of mid-size, classic sportfishing boats. Clean designs, superior performance and low maintenance is the code behind every Gamefisherman built.
Gamefisherman focuses on building the classics… and building them well!

Naval Architect Erwin Gerards is the builder supreme of all Gamefisheman boats since 2018. These current models feature an innovative proprietary bottom that compliments the latest in engines. The finished product shows a reduction in drag and surprises with it’s a smoother, dryer ride. Using their CFD analysis software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate an extensive tank test simulation, every Gamefisherman is tested and true. Their in-house design team have the ‘can do’ attitude any customer would be pleased with.

They will never neglect the custom traditional models though but.…For those looking for the best in efficient fishing, Gamefisherman is proud to give birth to this new line of semi-custom composite models —the NEX GEN series. This line of 43’ sport fishing boats has a classic look with state-of-the-art technology—built with high strength composites.

Traditional models include 40’ Flybridge, two 48’ Express’ with two different optional layouts, 48’ Flybridge, 50’ Express and a 50’ Flybridge. The Next Gen composite models consist of their 43’ Express with four different layout plan options, and a 43’ Flybridge —also with four layout options. There are two 46’ and one 50’ Outboard with walk-arounds as we wrap up the Next Gen offerings too.

In the limited production arena, Gamefisherman brings back the classic 30’ express and walk-around. They believed this classic deserved another chance with the latest and greatest from our times. The 30’ was known as the ‘biggest small boat’ in boating. With great performance anticipated, she can be fit with single or twin inboards, as well as with bracket mounted outboards. Look for your choice of a 30 center, 30 walk-around, 30 express, or even, a 26 bay.

Wrapping up the Gamefisherman story may have you wrapping one up as your next gift to yourself as quality and innovative design lure you in like a fish on the line!

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