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Contender is a sportfishing boat manufacturer that focuses on serious fishermen and what they want most. In 25 years of doing business, Contender has risen to become a trusted and respected name in the industry. Each new model represents a desire to make improvements toward creating the ultimate sportfishing boat.

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United Yacht Sales includes an unmatched number of listings, which gives you options as you search for used Contender yachts for sale. You can typically find a variety of Contender boats in our inventory that represent a number of different amenities, capabilities and price points. To learn more about any listing, click the thumbnail image to access specifications, photo galleries and PDF brochures. Contact the listed broker directly to ask questions and discuss their Contender yachts for sale or see other used yachts for sale.

36 Contender 2006
Center Console
Jesse Shea
31 Contender 2005
Center Console
Offshore Fisherman
Frank Wise
31 Contender 1997
Center Console
Express Fish
Matthew Key

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United Yacht Sales is your source for used Contender boats and yachts for sale. We specialize in helping boaters just like you find the vessel they're looking for. As the largest independently owned yacht brokerage firm in the world, we feature a large number of listings to help maximize your options.

Founded by 40 year industry veteran Peter Schmidt, United Yacht Sales is the brokerage firm that uses experience, knowledge and professionalism to achieve results. Since first opening in 2002, we've grown into a prominent firm that facilitates about 600 transactions representing $100 million each year. We have more than 100 brokers throughout the United States and Canada, and knowledgeable, helpful and able representatives to assist you in finding used Contender boats and yachts for sale. Let us help you maximize your time as you search for the perfect Contender.