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Synonymous with South Florida fishing, SeaVee Boats is one of the most renowned builders of center-consoles for serious anglers. Offering almost endless customization options, no SeaVee is exactly the same. United Yacht Sales is here to assist you in finding the perfect SeaVee on the brokerage market for your needs and budget.

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SeaVee Boats was founded in 1974 by Captain Don McGee responding to the demand in Miami-Dade area of Florida for a boat capable of withstanding rough offshore conditions and the rigors of the hardcore fishing. Capt. McGee’s durable, high-quality SeaVee boats quickly developed a strong, loyal customer base. And by selling direct to customers, gained the competitive advantage of offering boats with outstanding quality and performance at a great price. SeaVee was known early on for innovation. In the 1970s, SeaVee began placing motors below the center console (center of gravity), originating the first open fishing boats with inboard power that gave them increased range and a more stable ride.

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In 1993, SeaVee customer, Ariel Pared was so impressed with the boat and Captain Don’s owner-personalized build method, that he and two partners bought SeaVee to further advance the SeaVee culture of “devotion to the customer” and the strong foundation of building high-quality fishing boats that are durable and dependable. The partners’ vision was to expand beyond hardcore fishing enthusiasts to include family and friends who enjoy being out on the water, and began adding luxury features to the custom options/choices for greater versatility and creature comfort. SeaVee boats continued to focus on product design, craftsmanship, innovation, and quality control, pushing the limits of new design, technology, and methodologies for continuous product improvement.

A major competitive advantage was introduced in 2014 with the award-winning, patented SeaVee Z-hull—cross-ventilated, twin stepped, cored hull with SpeedRail® technology. Speedrails provide lateral stability in hard turns at high speed for proper tracking without slippage or “hooking.” The Z-hull has multiple lifting design features that produce a fixed running trim angle at any speed in a variety of sea conditions, for negligible bow rise and low planing angle. The main benefits are enhanced speed and efficiency. The lifting effect of the stepped hull is present at all speeds for improved efficiency over the entire speed range.
SeaVee offers the award-winning factory-direct, built-to-order center console sportfishing boats in a current line-up of Bay Boats – 27’ stepped hull with either a single or twin outboards, Classic V – 29’ to 39’ traditional deep-V hull with twin, triple or quad outboards, and the SeaVee Z – 32’ to 45’ stepped hull with twin, triple or quad outboards. Customers can choose from a wide array of features and options to customize each new build to match their personal fishing and boating lifestyle. SeaVee also offers its “Luxury Edition (LE)” upgrade packages developed to enhance the cruising experience and entertaining capabilities of certain models.

Because SeaVee boats are factory-direct, build-to-order with virtually limitless options, no two SeaVee Sportfish boats will be exactly alike. Known for excellent build quality and having one of the best factory service centers in the industry, SeaVee boats tend to hold their value, with minimal depreciation and maintenance costs.

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