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Cape Horn boats was founded decades ago in the garage of Chris Fabbro and his father Bob, when they realized there was a need for a hardcore fishing boat that was affordable and easy to maintain for the offshore fishing “finatic”!

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This family-owned and operated builder of the Cape Horn world-renowned offshore fishing boat in Milton, Florida, is rightfully proud of its tradition of excellence. Over 35 years of refinement, perfecting, and innovation since the introduction of the first Cape Horn 16 Classic has made Cape Horn one of the premier fishing boat companies in Florida. From in-house design to final inspection, meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship are incorporated into each step of the building process to ensure Cape Horns are the strongest in the industry. Each piece is hand-built and constructed—from ice boxes to the center consoles. This unique, exacting, and thorough process limits annual production; Cape Horn boats are not mass-produced. Cape Horn boats deliver a definitive tournament-tested offshore fishing experience; “a true offshore predator” yet comfortable for family outings!

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Proven over time, molds and all-composite construction process produces a hand-sculpted boat that is unsinkable and bullet-proof solid! The two-step closed-cell urethane foam process pressure-fills cavities to maximum for a smooth, quiet, and unsinkable ride. The ride is also enhanced with a soft entry, proprietary cutwater design and reverse chines for a smooth dry ride, adding increased speed and fuel economy benefits.

Other notable features of Cape Horn boats are the huge floorplans for an uncluttered fishing workstation, enormous livewells and 7ft fish box (on most offshore models), a commercial rub rail, tinned wiring that is jacketed in an automotive-style harness for protection from elements, hand-built control panels with water-sealed, stainless-steel switches, fly-by-wire digital throttles that help with fuel economy and ensure steady acceleration, gel-coated decks for easy clean-up, large scuppers for speedy draining of self-bailing hulls, and yacht-grade stainless-steel hardware for durability.

Cape Horn offers the following models: the new 23 Cape Bay; OFFSHORE models Cape Horn 220S and 240S; TOURNAMENT models Cape Horn 31T, 32T, 34T; EXTRA SEATING/STORAGE models Cape Horn 24XS, 27XS, 32XS, 34XS, and 36XS. Cape Horn offers clients the ability to personalize their boats with the “Build Your Boat” feature that provides lists of options, including power, colors, electronics, and extra equipment.
The 23 Cape Bay is able to launch in skinny water without trimming up the engine, as it is designed to perform with no bow rise on take-off, a feature Cape Horn calls “even keel” that also enhances hull stability underway. Lack of forward bow strakes eliminates hull slap allowing a stealthy approach on the flats. With a wide array of features and the Cape Horn quiet, smooth-riding hull, and unsinkable construction, the 23 Cape Bay can confidently be taken offshore as well as the bay.

Cape Horn center consoles currently available in the pre-owned yacht brokerage MLS are all located in the United States and range in price from about $50,000 for a 2007 Cape Horn 24 Offshore to about $390,000 for a 2019 Cape Horn 36XS.

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