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There are yacht builders who come and yacht builders who go and then there are builders who find their place in the yachting industry and remain not just any builder but one that takes you back four generations and counting!!! For a yacht manufacturer to achieve this great feat, you’ll find the highest levels of professional experience, passion, creativity, reliability, quality and innovation are well intact.

Let United introduce you to Astondoa Yachts.

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Astondoa is a Spanish company which is proud to be known for their four generations of family operation —and still going strong! Yes, 100 years of shipbuilding experience is behind every yacht they produce… what a great feeling when choosing this brand to fit into your backyard slip or destination marina. As leaders in the yachting industry, Astondoa is on the cutting edge of technological development, modern design, and innovative ideas.

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To be released to the seas, Astondoa ensures each yacht meets stringent quality control and high standards which are easily achieved due to the company only hiring the finest in woodworkers, mechanics, upholsterers, etc. etc.

At Astilleros Astondoa, each yacht is customized to every customer’s needs —rare for today!. You’ll never see two of the yacht..

Astondoa takes their followers and history buffs back to 1916. During this time, in Portugese, Spain, two brothers, Jesús and Jose Astondoa Martinez- began building rowboats in a small carpenter’s workshop. Then, the Spanish Civil War came through…

Sooooo, after that, Jesús Astondoa decided to focus on building fishing and recreational boats. In 1944 —Jesús Astondoa Santamaría joined the family business and the shipyard became his baby soon after. Success was achieved when the shipyard began to gain national recognition from Astondoa’s quality-built wooden boats and top-grade finishes.

The company spread over to Spain’s east coast and Jesús Astondoa Santamaría’s children became the third generation of the family to also join the shipyard. Step ahead to the early 1980s, and we see Astondoa moving away from the more traditional wooden production methods as they strike gold by offering the boats in polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass.
How excited their team must have been that her up to date production techniques combined with each yacht’s exquisite design and bolstered by Astondoa’s position as a leading builder, make for a winning combination.

The Astondoa Group grew to more than 500 employees and boasts of the largest range of yachts in their fleet. What exactly do they build? They go from 40 ft open boats to polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass yachts over 120 ft.

In the span of 100 years, Astilleros Astondoa has more than 3,000 vessels - bravo to them for this wonderful productive time. They will remain at the helms of the shipyard.

We are asked—-where are they based? Well… Astilleros Astondoa sits on the seafront of Santa Pola, Spain which is 10-minutes from Alicante’s international airport. The shipyard measures in at over 323,000 sq. ft with a focus on the production of yachts 122 ft. and longer.

The line up looks like this:
Astondoa coupe includes…
Astondoa 655 Coupe, Astondoa 377, Coupe Astondoa 377 and the Coupe Outboard

ASTONDOA 66 FLYBRIDGE is made up of:
Astondoa 52 Flybridge, Astondoa 66 Flybridge, Astondoa 82 Flybridge

ASTONDOA 125 CENTURY is coming soon:
Astondoa 100 Century Astondoa 110 Century Astondoa 125 Century

The Steel range brings you:
120 Steel Explorer 151 Steel 185 Steel and the 197 Steel

Now to make the decision which style and type works best for the needs of each customer. NO simple task but at least the decision of which yacht brand to pick will have been made! Astondoa is a sure pleaser with the most discriminating yachtsmen.

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