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The Invincible Boat Company was founded in 2006 by Alex Lipworth, an entrepreneur and world-class fisherman who grew impatient with boats that just weren’t up to his expectations of performance, speed, quality of ride for the serious angler. With a vision and determination to build the “best of the best for serious fishermen,” Mr Lipworth teamed with world-renowned marine architect, Michael Peters, who developed and patented the ventilated transverse stepped hull for a hydroplane boat in 1980, to develop an industry-changing hull design with unprecedented speed and ride quality, along with best-in-class fuel efficiency and stability.

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Designed from the ground up, the revolutionary Stepped Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull technology prioritized the new Invincible build for the demands of hardcore offshore fishing from an engineering standpoint, to ensure performance and durable toughness in various sea conditions, along with yacht-like finishes. Invincible semi-custom performance fishing boats are built to last a lifetime!

Invincible’s current product portfolio of Center Console monohull models consists of the 33’ Open Fisherman, 36’ Open Fisherman, 39’ Open Fisherman, and the 42’ Open Fisherman. All feature a single-level deck with 360-degree walkaround fishability. Standard features ensure Invincible’s level of excellence while allowing owners to customize their boat from an extensive array of options—Power, Custom Top Choices, Fishing Accessories, Seating, Enhancement and Convenience, Colors and Canvas.

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Responding to an expanding market for performance fishing catamarans, Invincible teamed up with catamaran design team, Gino Morelli and Pete Melvin (Morelli & Melvin Design and Engineering) known as the world’s leading authority on catamarans, to overcome some of the drawbacks of performance catamarans—unpredictable handling at speed, inability to lean inward in a turn and rough ride in following and quartering seas without negative trim. Morelli and Melvin’s work in computational fluid dynamics have earned them expert status as “the most knowledgeable and technologically advanced firm in boating.”

Starting from scratch with exclusive access to Morrelli & Melvin’s patented hybrid, semi-asymmetrical, multi-hull design, Invincible was able to develop the unprecedented performing and handling Invincible 40ft Catamaran with the speed, room, and range to go just about anywhere, under virtually any conditions! Following the launch of the 40ft in 2017, the full line of Invincible Catamarans offers the performance along with the dry, soft ride Invincible is known for in a catamaran with quick responsive handling, a soft stable ride and best-in-class speed, along with seakeeping abilities without trim tabs or ballast tanks. Plus, the fishability of a single-level deck and ability to gaff fish from the bow!

Invincible’s product portfolio of performance center console offshore fishing catamarans consist of the newly introduced 33ft model, 35ft, 37ft, 40ft (original Invincible catamaran first launched in 2017 with Morrelli & Melvin’s patented hull design), the 46ft introduced in 2020, and the new 46ft Pilot House model introduced in 2020—the first ever production pilothouse catamaran featuring sleeping space and the comfort level of a similar-sized sportfish! All feature single-level deck with 360-degree walkaround fishability and can be customized from a comprehensive list of options for Power, Custom Top Choices, Fishing Accessories, Seating, Enhancement and Convenience, Colors and Canvas.

Although other boat builders offer similar stepped-hull designs, Invincible’s legendary ride and sportiness are unparalleled. Using best materials and construction methods, from vacuum-bagged infusion to the diamond patterned non-skid deck, Invincible boats are expertly sourced and built. Meticulous attention to the details makes a big difference in the total quality of each boat.

As a relatively new semi-custom brand, not a whole lot of Invincible boats are available in the brokerage market. Current preowned Invincible models range from a 2008 Invincible 33 stepped monohull at about $245,000 to a 2020 Invincible 40 Catamaran at just under $800,000. A 2018 Invincible 42 Center Cabin monohull is highest priced at just under $820,000. A pre-owned Invincible, many with a long list of owner’s customized options, are quite a bit less than a new boat order and available without the build wait.

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