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Located in Jacksonville, FL along the Ortega River, Huckins Yachts is one of the oldest custom boatbuilders in the US that is still family owned and operated under the founder’s name. Frank Pembroke Huckins founded the company in 1928 and launched his first yacht, a Commuter 25, that was sold to David M Goodrich (BF Goodrich Rubber Co.), and he was the delivery captain—running the boat from Florida to New York!

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Frank Huckins was the inventor of one of the first true planing hull forms—the patented Quadraconic® hull that has been refined over the years and is still the Huckins hull form today. Unlike other yachts of that era, the Huckins hull was able to go through tall waves without severe pounding (the V-hull hadn’t been invented yet by C. Raymond Hunt). Frank Huckins also patented the process he developed for wood lamination of the oak keel used on Huckins yachts. He marketed his fast, lightweight, stable, and elegant yachts as “Fairform Flyers” to the wealthy celebrities of his day who helped create the “aura” of Huckins that has developed into “cult-like” status today.

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Frank Huckins accepted a challenge by the US Navy to design fast, stable PT boats for WWII operations, and his Quadraconic® hull design was proven the best for high-speed ocean missions, with 60% less pounding during sea trials than the other contenders. One of the Huckins-built PT boats was famously piloted by J.F. Kennedy during WWII.

Another major difference in Huckins wood hull construction was the diagonally double-planked Philippine mahogany on frame. The 1947 diagonally double-planked Huckins hull didn’t take on water like the straight carvel planked hulls, that had to be “swelled” before re-launching after haul-outs. Huckins was also an early (1960s) adopter of the cold-mold process (fiberglass over epoxied wood) on jig forms as a light, strong construction method that enhanced efficient performance. And in 1975, the builder transitioned to fiberglass composite core construction for its engineering advantages such as a significant weight reduction that allowed a higher horsepower-to-weight ratio. Which in turn, increased speed and fuel-efficiency in addition to the exceptional strength and seaworthiness that modern high-tech materials like Corecell™ provide.

For the custom Huckins 45 launched in 2015, Bill Prince Yacht Design, working with Huckins chief designer Jon Hall, was responsible for engineering modifications to the hull to accommodate the ZF pod drives paired with 425hp Cummins diesels, while preserving the Quadraconic® hull form with its concave forward sections below the waterline that result in the Huckins renowned smooth ride in rough seas.

Since Huckin Yachts’ first launch in 1928, the legendary boatbuilder has been custom crafting its recognizably unique boats with high performance hulls for discerning clients who appreciate the artisanal craftsmanship and timeless elegance of Huckins Yachts. The “trademark” understated interiors are bespoken by the owner working with the Huckins design team. Today the company is owned and managed by Frank Huckins granddaughter and her husband, Cindy & Buddy Purcell, who continue with their loyal team, to build masterpiece custom sportfish yachts and cruising boats in the Huckins legacy of innovation and iconic design tradition.

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