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Dutch shipbuilder, Heesen Yachts was founded by Frans Heesen in 1978 and has since launched over 170 yachts. Headquartered in the Oss shipyard in The Netherlands, Heesen is recognized worldwide as a leader in design, construction and engineering of aluminum and steel custom and semi-custom superyachts.

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Heesen originated the Platform Concept as a business model in 2003 allowing clients who prefer to rely on a proven design, the benefits of a semi-custom yacht—personalization with a nice price-quality balance, reduced delivery time, and the confidence of time-tested technologies. Current range offered is the 50m/150ft steel displacement hull, the 50m/150ft aluminum semi-displacement hull, and the 50m/150ft aluminum FDHF (Fast Displacement Hull Form) with Hybrid propulsion. The select design team for semi-custom clients are the Cristiano Gatto Design Team, who have designed at least one custom and four semi-custom yachts for Heesen and exterior designers, Omega Architects.

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Heesen Yachts maintains a comprehensive database of hull test results for various yacht lengths and shapes as a resource for designers to give clients specific advice on design possibilities based on their preferred length, speed, and seagoing requirements. All Heesen Yachts are engineered and built in-house entirely by hand by master craftsmen. Heesen’s in-house interior specialists work to the highest standards of excellence. Heesen’s Winterswijk shipyard is the site of the main interior workshop where highly skilled craftsmen work on the luxury areas of the interior—atrium, saloon, dining, owner’s stateroom, and guest suites, while the service areas and sky lounges are created in the Oss shipyard. Luxury and exotic materials—teak, wengé, Macassar ebony, stained and curved glass, marble, onyx, and others—are carefully processed by skilled craftsmen to produce the meticulous fit and finish of the luxurious interiors.
The backbone of all Heesen yachts is the steel or aluminum hull welded to perfection by extremely skilled and experienced welders. To finish, the metal hull surfaces have several layers of epoxy primer applied and then layers of paint in precisely the right thicknesses for a perfectly smooth, durable finish.

Renowned engine specialist, MTU of Friederichshafen in southern Germany, has been a long-term collaborator with Heesen, building the thoroughly tested engines specifically handcrafted to meet a client’s requirements of speed, economy, and comfort. And for ultimate cruising comfort, the optimal hull form is matched with a rudder and propeller design with exceptional hydrodynamic efficiency. The radical new Promas design by Kongsberg Maritimes eliminates cavitation, a major cause of vibration and noise. Another technology component of Heesen yachts is the patented Hull Vane® developed by Van Oosanen that dramatically improves seakeeping behavior and fuel efficiency. Less power is needed to propel the yacht, allowing smaller main engines, which in turn reduces fuel consumption giving a longer range with the same tank volume—a major advantage.

Heesen offers a Hybrid Propulsion Solution with diesel mechanical or electrical propulsion (or in combination), providing a balance between performance and efficiency. Hybrid propulsion system reduces the vessel’s carbon footprint along with greater power management flexibility, reduced fuel usage, less noise and vibration for greater comfort. Also developed by the Van Oosanen Naval Architects, is the patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) designed to move yachts smoothly through water while eliminating vertical movement (heaving), for greater fuel economy and hull speed. FDHF hulls outperform conventional displacement and semi-displacement hulls at low, cruising, and maximum speeds and with 20% lower resistance than hard chine hulls at semi-displacement speeds, according to Heesen Yachts. Seakeeping is improved with optimal performance at all speeds. The FDHF hull is suitable for any type of boat, ship, or yacht.

For owners with a dream yacht in mind, Heesen offers a pure custom build as a one-off creation. A client’s vision will be combined with Heesen’s exceptional standard of engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Heesen teams up with renowned, award-winning architects who succeed in creating an exceptional yacht experience for clients. Freedom of design is melded with a proven development process to ensure a client’s requirements are perfectly aligned with viable design options. Each yacht is hand crafted to bring the owner’s dream to reality while remaining “true to Heesen’s distinguished signature and character.” Although Frans Heesen is no longer actively involved with the company since 2012, Heesen Yachts continues his mission to create yachts that push the limits with the motto, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”

Some of the notable highlights over the years are the 1988 143ft OCTOPUSSY (named after the 1983 James Bond 007 film) with an incredible 50-knot top speed that became the world’s fastest luxury yacht and was Heesen’s breakthrough in the worldwide superyacht industry. In 1996, Heesen introduced its first sportfisherman, OBSESSIONS—the largest at nearly 126ft and most powerful in the world for many years! It is currently in luxury charter operation. Launched in 2011, custom yacht SARTORI won multiple global awards and was the most powerful (24 kts) and largest (50m/164ft) sport yacht ever built in The Netherlands at that time. The 65m/213ft GALACTICA STAR, launched in 2013, was the first of Heesen’s innovative fast displacement (FDHF) yachts and the recipient of 9 awards including the Neptune Trophy at the World Superyacht Awards. In 2014, 139ft ALIVE was the first yacht in the world to harness kinetic energy using the patented Hull Vane® technology to achieve 35% less fuel usage to reach a top speed of 15.9 knots. The 2016 70m/229.5ft GLACTICA SUPER NOVA is an innovative award-winning yacht and the largest Heesen yacht at the time. It features an impressive 357 sq m (3843 sq ft) of deck space!

In 2017, Heesen’s drive to innovate resulted in the Hybrid Solution featured in 163ft HOME for a cleaner, quieter, more fuel-efficient propulsion system that combines diesel mechanical with electrical power. Another breakthrough is the 80m/262ft tri-deck COSMOS, Heesen’s 40th anniversary record-breaking yacht. Her unique power plant of four engines with a combined 19,000+ HP propel her to a top speed of 30 knots making COSMOS the fastest all-aluminum yacht in her class. She features the most advanced naval architecture and Heesen’s incomparable engineering expertise, including the patented Fast Displacement Hull Form and Promas rudders. To ensure structural integrity of an aluminum hull of that length and weight of 4-engine power plant, a new method of construction was developed and patented—the Backbone! COSMOS is scheduled for delivery in Spring 2022.

There are a wide range of Heesen Yachts available in the preowned, global brokerage market. Years range from 1979 to 2017. A 1985 77ft Heesen motor yacht is listed at about $218,000 USD and a 2016 229ft Hessen superyacht is listed at over $86 million USD. Only five Heesen Yachts are located in the USA—ranging from a 1988 custom 105ft Heesen Yacht listed at about $995,000 USD to a 2011 Heesen 180ft superyacht listed just under $40 million USD.

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