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Hanse Yachts are award-winning luxury cruising sailboats that emphasize the importance of a neat, clean deck area, easy sailing modifications, and an abundance of natural light in the below deck living areas. It's no wonder that the Hanse Group is one of the largest sailboat manufacturers globally. Let the team at United Yacht Sales assist you in the search for the perfect sailboat.

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Built in the historic northeastern German shipyard in Greifswald on the Baltic Sea, Hanse Yachts AG has been building the Hanse brand sailing yachts since 1990. Greifswald has a shipbuilding history that dates back to the early-14th century. The Greifswald Shipyard built its final sailing yacht in the 1980s and in 1990 the modern Hanse Yachts boatyard was built upon Greifswald’s centuries of shipbuilding and craftsmanship traditions. In 1993, the Hanse yard launched the first series-manufactured sailboat with a self-tacking jib, the Hanse 291 and presented it at the International Hamburg Boat Show for its world premiere. With a design based on renowned Scandinavian designer, Carl Baier’s Aphrodite 29 and an unbeatable price, it became a runaway bestseller in not only Germany, but all of Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia, and became the basis for the yard’s success—creating fast, innovative, beautiful yachts for enjoyable family cruising as well as competing in regattas.

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Working with Judel/Vrolijk & Co, one of the world’s foremost yacht design and construction companies, Hanse developed its first new in-house designed yacht, the Hanse 371, elegant and functional. Awarded European Yacht of the Year, it was the first yacht (along with the Hanse 401) to be series-manufactured with a high-gloss finish, as well as the integration of the cast iron/lead keel into series manufacturing process lines. From thereon, new Hanse Yachts were designed by Judel & Vrolijk, performance yacht designers with an Americas Cup background, and older models were improved over the years with new innovations, technologies, and materials, with many receiving accolades and awards. One of Hanse Yachts’ strongest advantages is the ability for couples or solo sailing; with Hanses’ dinghy-like performance, self-tacking jib and clean deck layout free of ropes and fittings as all lines lead to the helm, that allow a minimal crew of one or two to handle even a large 46 ft yacht comfortably and easily.

The new Hanse 460 is one of the best performing yachts in its class with easy sailing on a new level. It is the first Hanse yacht to be designed by the French yacht design team, Berret-Racoupeau, combining notably innovative design and traditional Hanse values—fast cruising and easy sailing with a contemporary sporty look.

Another Hanse Yachts advantage is the technology to empower customers with the ability to configure their own unique yacht from more than 11,500 different options, offering an unprecedented range of fabrics, furniture woods and carpeting! Hanse also offers a cloud-based app, “MyHanse Safety Cloud,” where owners can access live data about their vessels, including manuals and alarms, and is the first sailing yacht brand to offer a Digital Service Book for logging maintenance measures and records; a big plus when reselling the yacht.

The state-of-the art production processes at Hanse’s Greifswald yard ensures that each and every sailing yacht, no matter how individually customized, meets standards of world-famous Hanse durability, thrilling performance, and comfort. Series manufacturing is a process that is also known in the industry as value stream organization for the efficient production of yachts, as various processes are grouped in a series of production lines and assembled in stages. This optimizes quality and time to delivery, while reducing costs, enabling Hanse Yachts to offer the invariant “Engineered in Germany” seal of quality. Currently 10 different models are constructed at the Greifswald facility, including the largest series-produced sailing yacht in the world, the Hanse 675. Models range from the 315, 348, 388, 418, 458, the new 460, 508, 548, and 588 in addition to the 675.

About 15-20 Brokerage (pre-owned) Hanse Yachts are currently available in the USA, ranging in price from about $799,000 for a 2017 Hanse 588 to about $165,000 for a 2014 Hanse 345. Model years range from a 2021 Hanse 418 listed at under $390,000 and a 2020 Hanse 458 listed at under $525,000 to a 2008 Hanse 540e listed at under $370,000. For anyone looking for an exceptionally easy to handle, enjoyable sailing yacht, but don’t want to wait for a new build, a pre-owned Hanse may be the perfect choice.

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