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The Alden Yachts design firm was founded in 1909 by naval architect, John C. Alden, in Boston, Massachusetts at an exciting time when America was developing the transportation industry and infrastructure for trains, planes, automobiles, and more. The Industrial Age brought new wealth and leisure time for recreation and travel.

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Yacht Clubs in coastal towns held regattas, racing associations held offshore races, and racing yachts were developed, with winning yacht designers receiving yacht commissions and established business success. Fame and success came to Alden’s design firm after his Bermuda Race victories with his Malabar series of sailing yachts in 1923, 1926, and 1932, and continued long after his retirement to Florida in 1955. John Alden continued his love of sailing into his 70s on his Alden Sakomet One sailboat.

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Designer Niels Helleberg, who emigrated to Boston from his native Finland in 1971, spent virtually his entire distinguished career that spanned four decades, as Chief Architect with John G. Alden Naval Architects Inc. When the Design firm was closed in 2008 after nearly 100 years in business, Niels Helleberg continued to work with the parent holding company that had bequeathed the Alden Design Collection to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Museum’s “Hart Nautical Collection,” directing the project.

Niels Helleberg who was committed to the preservation of John G Alden’s designs and legacy, was also instrumental in creating the “last schooner” John Alden drew in 1927, but never built, in the authentic style and philosophy of extreme simplicity as notated by the late designer. The “Wolfhound” project to build the 1927 design that began in 2012, was also a final schooner for Niels Helleberg who passed away in 2014. His superb design work and contributions to naval architecture, including many innovations and patents, are also preserved in the Alden archive at MIT.

Another notable designer with John G Alden Naval Architects Inc, was designer Bill Cook, responsible for the Alden 55 Center Cockpit in 2008, the final Alden Yacht. He is also credited with the Alden 72, Alden 54, Alden 52, Alden 50, Alden 46, Alden 45, and Alden 44 that are more modern cruising sailboats.
Alden Yachts was initially known for the fast, seaworthy offshore schooners that brought attention to the firm, and then expanded to a wide range of exceptional sailing yachts, with a sprinkling of motor yachts in the portfolio. Most of the Alden powerboats were built during the 1950s decade. The Classic Alden Yachts available on the preowned yacht market are sought after for their seaworthy performance, and seakindly, bluewater capabilities.

Currently there are 24 preowned Alden sailing yachts and boats available on the USA yacht MLS, ranging in year from vintage 1912 to 1994. From vintage years 1907 to 1949, a 1912 25ft Alden Corinthian One-Design is listed at about $29,000 ranging in price to a 1938 62ft Alden Motor Sailer at about $2.6 million. From Classic years 1950 to 1979, a 1974 Alden Dolphin 47 is listed at about $76,000 ranging in price to a 1969 4ft Alden Caravelle Yawl at about $249,000. From 1980 to 2008, a 1980 19ft Alden Biddeford Pool One Design is listed at about $10,000 ranging in price to a 1984 Alden Palmer Johnson 78 at about $695,000.

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