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Used Cruising Boats For Sale

A cruising boat or yacht can mean a number of different things to different people. For example, some cruising boats have sails and some have twin engines with big horsepower. Some cruising yachts might only have one hull while others have two. The one thing they all have in common though is that cruising boats are built to cruise, whether short distances or long. Each cruising yacht owner has that passion for adventure that is only met when they take the wheel at the helm and begin their journey. If you're interested in buying a used cruising yacht and are researching the market, some of the first things you need to look at are whether you want power or sail, whether you want to be able to travel onboard for weeks at a time or just a few days, and of course, your budget.

PRE-OWNED Cruising Boats

photo of 160' Perini Navi 1999


160' Perini Navi 1999

Barcelona, Spain

photo of Completed Hull & Joinery


150' Derecktor 2010

Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States

photo of 134' Jongert 40T 2004


134' Jongert 40T 2004

Marina Vela, Barcelona, Spain

photo of 112' Alloy Yachts 1998 1998


112' Alloy Yachts 1998 1998

Palma, Spain

photo of 98' Navalcantieri 1969


98' Navalcantieri 1969

Unknown, Turkey

photo of 88' Leopard 1998


88' Leopard 1998

Unknown, Cayman Islands

photo of 82' Latini Marine 84 2005


82' Latini Marine 84 2005

Call, Italy

photo of 80' Gulfstar Enclosed Cockpit 1986


80' Gulfstar Enclosed Cockpit 1986

Portland, Maine, United States

photo of RAVENOUS II


82' Oyster 82 Deck Saloon 2007

Jamestown, Rhode Island, United States

photo of Swan 77/81 Capercaillie


81' Nautor Swan 77 1993

Naples, Italy

photo of 76' Swan Swan 75 FD 2009


76' Swan Swan 75 FD 2009

Lavagna, Italy

photo of Jongert 72┬┤CRYSTAL


72' Jongert 1991

Baleares, Spain

photo of 74' Princess S72 2015

74' Princess S72 2015

Miami Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 72' Riva Cruiser 2001


72' Riva Cruiser 2001

Miami Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 70' Parker Bug Eye Center Cockpit 1986


70' Parker Bug Eye Center Cockpit 1986

United States

There are many different brands and styles of cruising yachts built today. Some of the more mainstream manufacturers like Sea Ray, Princess, Azimut, Sunseeker, and others can have deeper v-hulls that improve performance. The long distance cruising yachts can come in the form of trawlers, which are designed to run for longer distances at slower speeds thereby resulting in extremely good fuel efficiency. Some long-distance cruising trawlers including Fleming, Nordhavn, and Kadey-Krogen. Because there are so many used cruising yachts for sale on the market today, it makes sense to enlist the helm of a professional yacht broker. The team at United Yacht Sales have sold thousands of cruising boats and yachts and can help you determine the right fit for your budget and cruising lifestyle.