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Explore a company with 207 years of heritage (over a century of first-class craftsmanship). An organization with a history of launching some of the world’s most revolutionary yachts not only in their design and state-of-the-art technology but in their use of the most innovative materials such as carbon and their signature hull!

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If you haven’t made a guess as to which builder we are referring to just yet, let us give you a few more clues. This builder started out building wooden boats, going on to produce yachts that came out on top with wins at all of the major championship races in the sailing yachts era; surprising us with their groundbreaking design of a fabulous Sport Yacht of the last decade and, finally, taking us to the present moment with the launch of their totally unique SuperSport series.

Palmer Johnson is the brand with a history of distinction – a unique brand who for almost a cen-tury, prides itself on its innovative ideas matched with unsurpassed quality.

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As if their own merits weren’t enough, they have recently joined up with Bugatti’s signature engineering traits to create a yacht that is like no other ever seen before. With 66 of these beauties enhancing the deep blue seas and skylines throughout the world, Palmer Johnson continues to make their iconic contributions to the world. Where did this futuristic concept come from, you may ask? None other than the fantastic Bugatti Chiron! This marriage of two incredible worlds births what is known as the Limited Edition Niniette.

Achieving a speed of 44 knots with her advanced stabilized hull, the Bugatti Niniette - measuring in at 66 fee, is the epitome of efficiency and comfort. You will be impressed with her slim hull that allows for higher speeds with lower fuel burn and input power. She even boasts additional vessel beam and excellent stability at rest thanks to her side sponsors. This next generation sport yacht is perfect for you and your special someone and even has a spot for a captain should you decide to have some time away from the helm.

Another feature that is most likely on your ‘must have’ list is also offered on this 66 foot art on the water masterpiece —a shallow draft! You’ll feel uninhibited to travel across the crystal clear seas in the Caribbean to enjoy a weekend away, and, again, with speeds of 44 knots, getting there will be as easy as a Bugatti making a lap around the racetrack!

You’re going to love her tiered level design which also adds excellent space comparable to a vessel much larger. Get ready to invite your favorite friends as her two social areas beg to fill the decks up with laughter and great times. The group will find itself drawn to one special spot - a combined Jacuzzi, champagne bar and sundeck, ensuring you won’t be needing that bungalow at the local private beach club at all!

Now I’m sure you’re coming to the conclusion that a Bugatti - with its reputation as being the fastest car in the world today - would be the only choice to pair up with a yacht of such divine caliber as the Palmer Johnson. Back in 1924 Bugatti won the first Monte Carlo Grand Prix and then in 1930, founder Ettore Bugatti, commissioned a totally customized speedboat for Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi—the Niniette – which name came from the family pet of Ettore’s youngest daughter Lidia, and now, is brought back to life in this Limited Edition we have you drooling over. What an example of these two iconic companies’ forward thinking style together with their true respect of out-of-this-world designs and fine craftsmanship.

After you’ve settled into your very own Niniette, don’t be surprised if you’re writing each compa-ny a letter thanking them for reaching high to deliver you this unimagined experience.

Now that you are coming to realize you didn’t just step into a James Bond filmset and this is the reality of what Palmer Johnson is up to in this modern day of yachting, it’s time to dig into the rest of what this brand has up it’s sleeve in the way of four other classes of yachts.

First, let’s take a peek at the PJ63 Sport. For those looking for an open sport yacht, able to sleep two couples and, even a captain, you’ll find this one wins the prize for its futuristic design, stellar performance (hitting speeds up to 36 knots) and extreme comfort. Donning the largest sun deck in her class, you’ll want to stock up on your favorite sunscreens and make sure the ladies pack their best swimwear as there won’t be an eye off this jewel.

Grab your favorite beverage, as the tour is not even half way through… the next curtain opens to Palmer Johnson’s SuperSport Yacht where they’ve combined the best of the best into one amazing yacht package with a totally new design. Stepping out and making some very bold de-cisions, this model has redefined the future of what yachting is and can be. Step into this stun-ningly sleek carbon fiber body and the curves are all you’ll see from every angle. This yacht shouts emotional appeal at its best. Some may call it the ‘next generation shape’ or a ‘unibody’ yacht with a superb metallic finish.

The SuperSport Yacht’s revolutionary hull design makes her the most power-efficient yacht known today, clocking in at 30-plus knots using fifty percent less fuel and boasting of a transat-lantic range. Oh and don’t let us forget —she’s three times more stable than a mono-hull. And soft as butter as she rides upon the waves at her maximum speed. This Carbon fibre construct-ed masterpiece promises you reduced operational, maintenance and life cycle costs and a guarantee of zero corrosion. You can feel confident that none of your friends will be left out - who would want to be - as she was built with thirty to fifty percent more living space then any yacht in her class.

You may think you’ve re-entered the James Bond movie set again, as we walk into her all glass salon and sky lounge followed by her next amazing space - her beach club.

Palmer Johnson will be a hit with your captain assisting you on the shopping journey, as the Su-perSport’s innovative crew cabins offer them larger berths, heads and great storage. Choose from the 42, 48 or 72 meter models and be the envy of everyone at any marina.

Well, you may think this is where the ship pulls in for the evening but it doesn’t. Palmer Johnson’s sport yacht, is our next stop. This market leader has a huge following! Also known for it’s sleek profile and built to the highest superyacht standards, the sport yacht has a relaxed and elegant feel with features including large open decks opening up to superb beach house interiors. Her hull makes for superior seakeeping even at her speeds of 28-32knots. The fold-down balconies aren’t to be missed either.

Built with size in mind, you’ll have to decide what length works best for you from 120 to 210 feet; and then pick out either an Open or Trideck version—all built in aluminum. Convinced this iconic brand wins your vote as your yacht of choice? How could it not with its true pedigree combined with 101 years of building masterpieces?

Before we finish the Palmer Johnson story, there’s just one more and not to be reckoned with—the stupendous 84 meter PJ World Explorer. Choose your course to any region in the world -
no matter what the conditions and allow her to take you, eleven guests and twenty-seven crew (yes…this is a ship that can house an army), away for whatever length of time you wish. The journeys aboard this 16 knot max, steel masterpiece, will be beyond breathtaking as she graces foreign ports never before traveled and all with incredible comforts / features such as her Ham-mam spa, sauna, gym, Helicopter pad and even a submarine!

It’s hard to remove yourself from this dream, which can be made a reality as Palmer Johnson truly exists. Originally based out of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Palmer Johnson was founded by two boat builders in 1918 —Hans Johnson and Herman Gmack, where they built high-quality wooden sailing yachts. Fast forward to 1961 when American entrepreneur Pat Haggerty, found-er of Texas Instruments, purchased Palmer Johnson. After his passing in 1980, it was left to be managed by Mike Kelsey, Sr. Come 2000, it was sold to monster guru, Andrew McKelvey. After many unproductive years, however, current owner, English businessman Timur Mohamed, purchased the dynasty after he had purchased a 120-foot yacht christened Cover Drive.

in 2015 the Sturgeon Bay shipyard was closed and sold, however, and since 2017, production was moved to Europe and as the story ends, just remember, your dreams of cruising in a Palmer Johnson don’t have to!

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