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When giving advice on what brand yacht to steer towards, the most important factor would be a company’s total commitment to each individual project. That’s the CRN attitude for every yacht voyage they plan. A company that puts all their energy and expertise into making every idea – your idea theirs.

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CRN Yachts was founded in 1963 by Sanzio Nicolini, whose dream was to build sophisticated luxury yachts to a special group of prospects/clients. The yachts - at that time - ranged from 15 to 20 meters. But then, one project led to bigger, more high-end vessels which were finished off by the hands of an interior designer.

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The main factor that a CRN yacht brings to its owners to be, is the spirit of a pursuit for perfection along with an undying attention to detail that even all hands involved are expertly trained and ready to participate. The finished product only comes about when you marry total tech ideas with a pulse for music and the church.

Their design team has a gift for listening to each owner’s dreams —which is the first step towards a special experience that will have you moving double the speed in brilliant style.

Each new yacht becomes a benchmark to raise the bar to, to create new plans which push the limits imposed by the space and materials. Known as pioneers of aesthetic innovations, CRN has always come up with ground-breaking designs vaunting top-of-the-line amenities that over time have become true standards of excellence in the yacht communities. One special features is the fabulously popular beach club or the multipurpose area aft on the main deck; the terraces and balconies offering never-ending views and total privacy while keeping a close eye on the seas.

This brand’s never-ending quest for gaining the highest accolades for their choice of materials and systems, or their shapes and design, challenges the standards and shoots them to the head of the future. It may seem that the yachting culture is just naturally in their blood – and —since 1963 —has always been.

Their pulse is full of Italy and overall complexion— full of beauty.

CRN – Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali – was founded in the city of Ancona — a strategic maritime center in the Mediterranean for 2400 years. Ancona, Greek for elbow, named for the unique shaped promontory where it grew, creating a hidden natural haven. A crossroads of all sorts of people, Ancona is a sweetly fine, unique place. Here, the land embraces the ocean. When your story starts out in the center of naval tradition, every project becomes the start of a wonderful journey like no other.

When designing a CRN, you will be able to order your custom masterpiece with your own heartbeat pumping through it. Through the years, the CRN team are all ready to listen to what their owners want and to set out to do it!

Take for example a look at one of their latest finished projects, Mimtee. Never-ending beauty and elegance, with perfect lines and a wonderfully designed interior, the 79-metre CRN Mimtee was designed as a family megayacht for a seasoned yacht owner. Her stunning and high-end interior — characterized by upscale settings inspired by a marine chalet and the colors of the ocean - complements the perfection of her sleek exterior lines. Marvelous open spaces perfectly laid out to provide the best for its owner’s time aboard perfect for a simple cruise and a great time spent for the entire season. When aboard this and any CRN, you can feel at ease being far away from the mainland, but close to your loved ones aboard.

Finally, CRN also offers a special refit division. With its technical expertise, years working on these skills and designing, it offers a comprehensive range of dedicated services tailored to achieve excellent, unique results every time. Because sometimes, the end of one voyage is the start of another.

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