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With over 150 years of build world-class yachts, Apreamare has continued to remain cutting-edge in their design, performance, and fit-and-finish. It was in 1849 in the city of Sorrento, when a man ahead of his time, Giovanni Aprea, began hand building capable fishing, rowing, and sailing boats. The traditional “gozzo sorrentino” was the basis for which Giovanni crafted the shape and form of these small floating creations. Cataldo, Giovanni’s son, was the first to pick up this boat building skill, and in time some of his other sons but one grew most fond to it — his eldest son Giovanni.

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Car engines, in the time of the Second World War, began to be incorporated into the boats.
The Aprea family boatyard began building the first “gozzi”. This was made to be a pleasure boat, which far surpassed the professional fishing boats in popularity.

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Another younger Aprea joined the team…Cataldo Aprea—making 1973 the year that everything moved towards greatness in every aspect of the company. Cataldo’s ground breaking, fresh and eye opening ideas gave him a boost of energy never before seen by anyone else in the company to this date. Not sure if he could contain them in the constrains of family traditions, he made the decision to go out on his own. Hence, in 1983, the Apreamare boatyard was born.

Salvatore Pollio, a builder who picked up the sector’s growth potential and in 1988 founded the Apreamare Srl.

Things were going along quite smoothly so, it’s no surprise that in 2001 Apreamare began cooperations with one of the frontrunners of the yachting industry —the Ferretti Group. This collaboration proved most successful giving Apremare a jump —and actually leaps and bounds— into the throws of the arms of exponentially many more customers than they had ever known the fruits of before.

This union had its time of expiration as on March 24th in the year 2010, the Aprea and Pollio families took back the direct control of the Apreamare and brought it right back into the arms of the family.

The family passion was to ensure Apreamare could satisfy the dreams of those sea - driven individuals who were looking for the right addition to their repetoire to enjoy life with a passionate enthusiasm.

Each customer is embraced as, not only part pf an important project but, above all, a member of the family. They also pass on their values of their fine attention to details and use of the finest objects.

Apreamare boats unique style is the perfect combination of the passed down art of craftsmanship— five generations old —between the Aprea family along with the development of technologically advanced ideas and cutting edge design. Add in the comfort of the gozzi range at the yacht’s top speed and you’ll be let in on the secret of Apreamare shipyard’s success.

The commotion of the Apremare is totally warranted as they combine the classic design of traditional fishing boats, with a dash of innovation and technology. This makes it possible for the boat’s final product to hold onto a sophisticated look yet never forgetting the importance of convenience and a comfortable interior. Apreamare boats always possess the Italian style and never leaving out any of that Mediterranean charm while being most reliable, with a serious skill for agility and speed.

The reason this yacht will make any ‘short’ “must have” list is due to the quality of materials used, her fine craftsmanship and, of course, it’s technological innovations. The most discerning buyer will jump for joy at her luxurious fabrics, stunning woods, and unique finishes all under the umbrella of having the feel of ancient nautical Sorrento. Cappucino anyone?

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