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Christensen Yachts For Sale

Christensen Yachts are world-class sea-going motor yachts built right in the United States. Known for extravagant interiors that included custom cabinetry, modern stonework, and the finest upholstery, every Christensen is a work of art. United Yacht Sales is pleased to assist you in the purchased or sale of a pre-owned Christensen Yacht.

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Christensen Yachts was born from a partnership between Dave Christensen and Westport shipyards, as the once construction industry icon looked for a yard to commission his personal boat. After several frustrating interviews at various factories, Dave decided to build it himself. Westport built the hull, while Dave did all of the finishing on his own. By the time the yacht was finished, Christensen was inundated with orders for boats and soon realized the opportunity.

Focusing on completely custom-built luxury yachts between 100-feet and 165-feet, Christensen soon made a name for itself as one of the top manufacturers every to come out of the U.S. The original shipyard was located in Vancouver, Washington and over the years produced over 120 motor yachts. Christensen was known to be a pioneer in using composite fiberglass in the construction process. In 2009, Christensen Yachts began the production of a superyacht facility on Tellico Lake in Tennessee. The facility remained unfinished until 2019, but is now home to Christensen where they have two yachts currently under construction.

Every Christensen Yacht splashed was built to the very best capabilities of the American shipyard. Only the finest materials were used and every hull would undergo a large-scale vacuum-bagging resin-infusion process for the perfect strength-to-weight ratio. Other innovative construction techniques have also greatly improved interest in the builder. For example, Christensen invested in their own comprehensive HVAC systems that replace copper nickel salt-water piping with composite piping which is easier for maintenance. 

United Yacht Sales is committed to helping you find the perfect pre-owned Christensen Yacht for sale or helping you sell your existing one. Our network of over 175 brokers greatly increases your chances of a quick sale and our industry-leading support team ensures that it is marketed strategically and successfully. 

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