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FAQ's of Chartering the Perfect Yacht

Our professional charter brokers at United Yacht Sales (UYS) Charter Division have a combined 50+ years of experience in the yachting world.

We will use our knowledge in locating the perfect yacht for you, whether it be a luxury motoryacht or a world class sailing yacht, to meet your needs.

We will do our best to blend the yacht and crew to fit all parameters in finding the "charter yacht of your dreams".

What Destinations are available for charter?

We offer the most sought after destinations such as the Bahamas, the Caribbean, New England, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Northwest. Want to visit a new location? Let our experts help define the perfect setting based on your criteria.

What is the best time of year to charter?

We will advise you of the best locations once we have established your preferred destination and interests. Many of the yachts are available for summer chartering in New England, the Pacific Northwest and the Med, then repositioning for winter charters in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

What type of yachts are currently available for charter?

This depends mostly on your preference and requirement as well as the experience you are looking for. Do you love to sail? If so, then we will search out sailings yacht and sailing catamarans. Do you love more the speed and comfort? Then we would search out luxury motoryachts, power catamarans, or an expedition yacht! Will there be children onboard, will you celebrate a special day such as birthday or anniversary, are you looking for a culinary experience? We have access to various databases that list the yachts available for charter so the choices are endless.

Sailing Yachts: They are fun and hands on and offer so many possibilities. Reaching your destination while letting the wind blow through your hair.

Motor Yachts: They have the advantage of speed plus luxury motoryachts and superyachts can accommodate larger parties and can carry lots of water toys and gear.

Catamarans: This type of yacht offers lots of deck space and staterooms as they have a larger beam and room to roam around while enjoying speed and fresh air.

What is the process in booking a crewed charter yacht?

UYS Charter Division team will work with you to begin the process from applying your requirements, to selecting the yacht of your choice to finalizing all the details. We work closely with you, the Captain and crew onboard to finalize all details from coming onboard to menu planning, activities, shore excursions and departure.

What do I need to pack?

It's time for your charter to commence. We are happy to advise you about local customs and weather conditions in your specific charter region. Most yachts provide bath and beach towels, hairdryers, toiletries, and suntan products. When possible, bring soft luggage since it makes onboard storage easier.

Crew Gratuity/Tipping?

We will advise you on the tipping procedure for your crewed yacht. A crew gratuity of between 15%-20% is customary based on the charter rate only and is given at the sole discretion of the charter client based on the experience. The crew gratuity is given to the captain for distribution to be split among all crew members.

All of the charter planning is carefully coordinated by our team and we will guide you along the way to ensure that you are prepared for your upcoming charter of a lifetime.

Bon Voyage!

The UYS Charter Division