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Windward Islands Yacht Charter

Search Over 200 Yachts In The Windward Islands For Your Luxury Charter Vacation!

Winter season means yachting in the Caribbean! Enjoy the yachting life cruising your personally selected itinerary of some of the most beautiful and culturally diverse islands of the West Indies’ Lesser Antilles island chain that comprise the Windward Islands. Experience the thrill of deep water sailing aboard the yacht of your dreams in complete relaxation and luxury. An experienced Captain and Crew stand ready to accommodate you and guests every moment of your charter cruise.

The Windward Islands form the southeast boundary of the Caribbean Sea and are typically larger than the Leeward Islands that continue the islands crescent to the northwest. The climate is ideal for winter cruising with warm tropical breezes of the northeasterly trade winds and bright sunshine and the islands are ready to welcome yachts from all over the world to their beautiful harbors.

All the islands are mountainous and volcanic in origin; yet diverse, with tropical rainforests, waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, black and white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, reefs, harbors, coves and a rich history and cultural heritage, that is especially evident in the islands’ cuisine.

Dominica, lying directly below Guadaloupe Island, was once part of the Leeward Islands, but was transferred to the Windwards as a sovereign nation. This northernmost Windward Island is known for its natural hot springs, tropical rainforests, Trafalgar Falls that flow both warm and cold waters, narrow Titon Gorge, Boiling Lake. Champagne Reef is popular for diving and snorkeling. The restaurants feature sea to table and farm to table ingredients and breathtaking views. Cuisine is eclectic, with mostly creole nuances. Zamaan at Rosalie Bay features authentic gumbos and curries. Pagua Bay & Grill with floor to ceiling windows offers panoramic island views and breezes.

Cruising southward, Martinique is the largest island of the Windwards and a Special Collectivity of the French Republic; its inhabitants have full French citizenship. Martinique is known for its French-Creole culture, evident in the cuisine and colonial French architecture, and its world-famous rum distilleries! #1 is Habitation Clement that has become a popular tourist destination, offering rum tastings, tours, a large botanical garden and art gallery. Other great distilleries are Rhum J.M., St James, and Neisson. Martinique’s Le Marin Marina is one of the largest, busiest marinas in the Caribbean and considered the heart of Caribbean yacht charters!

A short distance away is the picture-perfect peaceful anchorage of Sainte Anne with its white sand beach. Martinique has some of the best beaches—Grand Anse des Salinas is rated as one of the world’s most beautiful, Le Coin, Diamond Beach (great for scuba diving) and Anse Noir, a black sand beach accessed by a rock staircase. Mount Pelée, an active volcano rising over 3,000-ft., is site of the historic eruption in 1902. This cosmopolitan island is a top destination for winter charter cruises with its ideal tropical climate and picturesque local villages of red-roofed Creole homes and spice markets.

The next island is Saint Lucia with its dramatic landscapes and Marigot Bay, a sheltered hidden cove that was the legendary hideout of the British fleet when evading the French! Renowned author, James Michener called it the “most beautiful bay in the Caribbean.” The twin-peaked Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience traditional Lucian cooking at the Coal Pot Restaurant or Apsara At Trou Au Diable Restaurant located below the Pitons on the southwest coast of Saint Lucia. Martha’s Tables is locally owned and operated, serving authentic home cooked meals.

Saint Vincent and the multiple Grenadine Islands lay south of Saint Lucia and end with southernmost Windward Island, Grenada. These islands were once British colonies and are now sovereign nations. Grenada is known as the “Isle of Spice” for its major export cash crop of nutmeg and mace and is the largest of the Grenadine Islands. The scent of these delectable spice wafts across the island with the trade wind breezes. Historical Fort George and Fort Frederick dating back to the 1700s, continue to overlook Saint George Harbor from Grenada’s largest and capitol city, Saint George. Both north and south deep, wide, approaches to the harbor are easy to navigate even for deep-draft vessels and is lined with marinas, boatyards and the Grenada Yacht Club. Notable yachting event is the Annual La Source Grenada Sailing Festival that is held towards the end of January and regattas and sailboat races occur year-round in these island-dotted waters.

St. Vincent is the known for its black sand beaches, except for a lagoon on the south side with white sand beach, and its 3000-ft active volcano that last erupted in 1979. This island also boasts the natural beauty of tropical rainforest that covers its terrain. The Anchorage Yacht Club & Restaurant features fresh-baked bread and pastries in the morning and is popular with boaters. Nearby is the privately owned, ultra-exclusive Grenadine island of Mustique, famed for Princess Margaret and other international celebrities. Basil’s Bar is the place for “star-gazing” as it is a favorite of local celebs. A major event is the Mustique Blues Festival held at the end of January.

If you are considering a yacht charter vacation in the Windward Islands, allow the United Charter Team to guide you in your search for the perfect vessel and crew.