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New England Yacht Charter

Search Over 70 Yachts In New England For Your Luxury Charter Vacation!

Summers in New England are synonymous with fresh seafood, sailing races, lobster bakes on the beach or exploring one of the historical mountain top mansions. Enjoy the crisp morning temperatures with a stroll into town for a leisurely breakfast, explore cobblestone streets and pop into quaint art galleries and boutiques. Charter guests are often torn between going inland or staying out on the water. There is no wrong answer in New England.

Cultural highlights are vastly unique with a cluster of towns such as Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Nantucket, Boston or Block Island, where the views are unmatched. New England is a favorite charter yacht destination for guests to unwind, slow down and take in old town feels with all the amenities you are accustomed to. Spend the afternoon in your swimsuit and decide to stay on the beach a little longer than expected. Tuck the calendar away because your day will take unexpected turns as you explore the new territory that somehow feels like home.

Begin your yacht charter in Newport, Rhode Island. Visit a mansion along the coastline. Follow along in a sail race. Spend a couple of hours biking the coastline and reward yourself with a lobster roll and chilled wine.

Want a little more nature and a little less of a crowd? Stop by Block Island and do some hiking or make use of your water toys with plenty of space to cruise. The crew will pack your picnic and find the perfect spot for you to simply take in the New England natural char in a secluded beach.

When you are ready for more, slip into something chic and comfortable, point your compass in the direction of Nantucket and choose from one of the many swanky restaurants or bars in town. Reservations are a must, and something your charter yacht crew can arrange ahead of time. You’ll be pleased to know most New England towns are walkable, no need for wheels. Dive deep into the architecture, century old cottages, local art and numerous lighthouses.

When you are ready to hear the chatter of the crowd, set your sights on Martha’s Vineyard. A socialite’s playground with some of the most spectacular red and orange sunsets in the world. Find yourself a bowl of clam chowder on top of a cliff. Grab a hand-crafted ice cream and stroll through the gingerbread houses, watch your children ride the oldest running carousel and have a go at trying to get the brass ring. Get a table outside and enjoy a fresh catch dinner, you might hear the traveling singers as they make their way around town!

Go into the big city of Boston and retrace the Freedom Trail, tour Harvard, meander through the Boston Garden or Beacon Hill.

Wind up a charter by tucking into Cape Cod where the only way to arrive is by boat. Cars are prohibited. Remove external noise and clutter and focus on your loved ones as you all are marveling in the picturesque island. What should you not miss? Whale watching. Schedule a wine tasting, see the oyster baskets, or spend the day in a corner of a beach where you quite possible don’t see another person.

Finish off your New England charter back in Newport and we promise, before you disembark, you’ll be planning your next visit as others do.