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photo of Rob Haney, Professional Yacht Broker

Rob Haney

Professional Yacht Broker

Growing up playing and boating on the Emerald Coast has always been a part of Rob’s life. After 12 yrs of working in plant management, the lure of the water drew him back. He first learned how to rig, run and repair yachts with specialized tradesman before going out on his own. Rob saw a need in 2000 to help the absentee yacht owner. He started a yacht management company to help take the maintenance headaches of yacht ownership away so owners could enjoy their free time on the water.

Throughout his career of maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, captaining and delivering yachts from New Orleans to the Bahamas, Rob wanted to use his skills to offer a unique, concierge yacht buying experience. His vast experience working with most makes and models of boats currently on the market makes him uniquely qualified to help you not only find your dream yacht, but also understand what to expect from a maintenance perspective during ownership. Rob wants to partner with you to take the stress out of finding your dream boat. You can trust him to help you navigate the intricacies of purchasing, owning and maintaining your yacht.