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photo of Karrick Hoffman, Professional Yacht Broker

Karrick Hoffman

Professional Yacht Broker

Karrick grew up on Hat Island, WA, a small private island in the Puget Sound. With only limited foot ferry service from the island, for him boating was not just fun, it was simply a way of life. His love for the water, and all things boating started as far back as he can remember. Whether it was fishing or shrimping, whale watching or just shopping for groceries, it usually involved a boat! Needless to say, he has been around boats and boating his entire life and his passion has only continued to grow. Karrick has owned and operated Kenji Marine Repair, a vessel repair service in Puget Sound. He has a degree in engine mechanics and has spent several seasons on commercial fishing boats in Alaska. He is also preparing for his USCG captain’s license. 

When not on the water, he spends his time off hiking, and wilderness camping in the Cascade and Olympic mountains with friends or family. He has a great sense of adventure, an infectious personality and a natural rapport with people. He now brings those combined skills and traits to United Yacht Sales with a great sense of enthusiasm. He looks forward to serving his clients fully and assisting them in their search for the perfect boat.

You can reach Karrick directly at 360-440-2447