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photo of Hal Howard, Professional Yacht Broker

Hal Howard

Professional Yacht Broker

Hal Howard is an experienced entrepreneur and business strategist with a passion for the boating lifestyle. Growing up outside of Hilton Head, SC, Hal fell in love with the lifestyle after a fateful sailing class in the Sound at Port Royal. He fondly remembers how he stuck the centerboard of a Sunfish in the mud. It was a harrowing experience, but young Hal was awed by the water, or in this case the mud.

On that sunny day, having finally freed himself from the mud, he couldn't wait to sail again, just not get stuck! From that day forward, boating was in his blood. He knew joy on the water was something everyone should experience.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Science in Manufacturing Management from General Motors Institute of Technology, Hal worked his way up the corporate ladder at General Motors. His career then took him to south Florida, where he gained a reputation for turning around troubled businesses.

Subsequently, he purchased a distressed Chrysler Dodge Jeep automobile franchise near his hometown and turned it around. During his tenure, the dealership earned the prestigious Five Star recognition, and various sales, service, and customer satisfaction awards.

Hal then founded Howard & Howard Holdings, Inc. to diversify his business portfolio after selling the Chrysler dealership. Today, Hal’s holding company focuses heavily on the luxury private client market. He also consults with high-net-worth individuals and business owners on business consulting, luxury travel, and real estate development.

Hal is now thrilled to bring his passion for yachting and years of experience in business strategy, private and corporate sectors, and luxury private client markets to United Yacht Sales.

He has been actively participating in the South Florida yachting community and keeping up with the latest innovations in the industry. With his strong business skills and understanding of each client’s needs and goals, Hal is committed to delivering exceptional service and expertise to each and every one of his clients.