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photo of Benjamin Shoemaker, Professional Yacht Broker

Benjamin Shoemaker

Professional Yacht Broker

Captain Ben, a proud native of Indiana, has always had a keen eye for the open waters.   From a young age, he found himself drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Michigan.  With years of dedicated experience in the yachting industry , Ben has tirelessly worked his way up the ranks. Now, with the prestigious title of a

USCG- Certified Captain under his belt, Ben’s expertise is unrivaled. 

Not only has Ben demonstrated his nautical prowess, but he has also proven his acumen in the world of business. Having successfully owned and operated two property maintenance and management companies, his expertise in sales and business is unparalleled. Now firmly established in the bustling city of

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ben eagerly seizes the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate the buying and selling of boats and yachts of all sizes. 


Ben’s astute business sensibilities and profound passion for the maritime industry make him an invaluable asset in the realm of yacht transactions. Clients can rest assured that under his guidance, their ventures will be executed with utmost precision and success.