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145' Custom DEFOE SHIPBUILDING Explorer 1945

$ 2,950,000

Keyport is a Custom 145' DEFOE SHIPBUILDING Explorer currently listed for sale on the market. While this boat is not currently listed with United Yacht Sales, our team is happy to work on your behalf in the research and potential sale of the vessel. Our commitment to our clients is to find the best yacht available that fits the their needs, no matter where its listed. United is a professional yacht brokerage firm that has experience listing and selling all types of Motor Yachts and similar boats.

A true must see! This ship has been refitted from 2005-2016!


  • Price: $ 2,950,000
  • Days on Market: 712
  • Builder: Custom
  • Model: DEFOE SHIPBUILDING Explorer
  • Location: Gloucester Point, Virginia, United States
  • Type: Power
  • LOA: 145 ft in
  • Display Length: 145 ft
  • Beam: --
  • Category: Motor Yachts
  • Water Capacity: 1000 gals
  • Fuel Capacity: 4400 gals
  • Engine Details: Caterpillar D379
  • Engine 1: 0.00 HRS 500.00 HP
  • Engine 2: 0.00 HRS 500.00 HP
  • Engine Fuel: Diesel

The vessel was originally constructed of conventional Navy lighter design with a plumb stem, rounded bilge and rounded stern. During the refit, the bottom was completely replaced and a raked stem was welded to the bow, adding an additional 12 feet to the overall length and creating a collision bulkhead by incorporating original bow as bulkhead. The hull is comprised of steel plating welded to a grid work of steel stringers and frames. It is constructed with four transverse watertight bulkheads dividing the hull into a forepeak, crews quarters, guest and owner berthing, engine room and lazarette. The main deck of the vessel is provided with welded bulwarks around the perimeter. Access to the engine compartment is gained through a hatch located at the after section of the cabin. The initial superstructure consisted of a fabricated steel hard top over the mid-body cabin space. The cabin has since been extended and the pilothouse completely reconfigured.

  • Bottom - Reported as 5/16" steel plating
  • Sides - 5/16" steel plating
  • Frames - 1/2" x 16" steel angle, spaced at 72" intervals
  • Stringers (Bottom) - 3/8" x 6" steel angle iron
  • Stingers (Side) - 3/8" x 8" and 12" spaced at 24" intervals
  • Keel - 5/8" x 22" T stock
  • Bulkheads - 5/16" steel plating welded to the hull

The main deck is configured with a raised foc'scle with welded bulwarks around the perimeter; the periphery of the 01 deck is fitted with stainless steel rails and stanchions. Access to the 01 level is provided by stairs located forward of the house.

Main Deck

  • Decking - Steel Plate
  • Bulwarks - Welded Steel construction
  • Clearing Ports- 4' x 8" ovals, two on each side
  • Deck Hatches - Access to forepeak, hatch to crew's quarters, soft patch, for access to crews quarters

01 Deck

  • Deck - Helicopter landing pad, with recessed lighting and fold down stainless steel railing.

Forward Decks

  • Decking - 5/16" steel plating
  • Bulwarks - Welded steel construction, 35" above the deck
  • Stanchions - 1 1/2" x 11" stainless steel, bolted to top of bulwarks
  • Deck Hatches- Access to the forward storage locker is gained through two stainless steel hatches located forward of the anchor windless. An additional hatch has been provided for access to the crews quarters.


The fantail is sheltered by the 01 deck, which is supported by steel columns. It is enclosed with steel bulwarks and stainless steel railing. The deck is accessed via the aft cabin. It is provided with two 18" hydraulically actuated gypsy heads intended for use while docking the vessel.

  • Decking - 5/16" steel plating
  • Bulwarks - Welded steel construction, 29" above the deck
  • Stanchions - 1 1/2" x 11" stainless steel, bolted to top of bulwarks
  • Deck Hatches - Access to the steering compartment

The superstructure consists of a fabricated steel hard top over the mind-body cabin space with access gained through hatches forward and aft. The Pilothouse is located forward on the centerline of the O2 deck and is accessed by port and starboard doors. The exterior of the pilot house is provided with controls on either wing for operation of the vessel while docking and undocking. The interior, which has been entirely reworked, will contain the vessel's navigation control stations with the helm located in the centerline. A Captain's lounge is been configured aft of the pilothouse which has been provided with Iroko paneling and fitted with safety glass windows.

The exterior of the cabin is comprised of painted steel where the interior, like the pilothouse, is undergoing refurbishment. The cabin is comprised of an upper level main saloon with a galley/small food preparation area, laundry located to starboard and a head and small bar to port from which the pilothouse is accessed via a spiral staircase. The salon is located forward in which a small fireplace has been installed. The side walls have been provided with Iroko wainscoting and the bar has been installed. A small laundry and food storage area is provided forward in which a washer/dryer and freezers have been installed. Access to the lower staterooms in the form of a steel spiral staircase. The interior is provided with safety glass panels on both sides.

  • Sides - Both sides of the cabin have safety glass windows seated in stainless steel frames. The windows are all well bedded.

The engine room is accessible from the fantail through a catwalk installed beneath the stack in which all exhausts pass. The area is provided with a hydraulic oil tank and diesel fuel day tank. The engine room has been suitably laid out, is well lit and provides good access to all engines, auxiliary equipment and electrical panel board. A small utility room had been provided aft of the engine room which contains much of the steering apparatus and spare parts. A watertight door is installed through the bulkhead for access to the steering quadrant. With the exception of the battery installations, the engine room is complete although some additional upgrades may be necessary in future maintenance periods.

Propulsion Engine(s)

  • Make & Model - Twin Caterpillar D 379
  • Fuel - Diesel
  • Serial Number - Unknown
  • Horse Power - 500 HP @ 1200 RPM each
  • Total Hours - Unknown
  • Last Overhaul - Unknown
  • Engine Bed - 1/2" x 36" steel stringers reinforced with transverse steel gussets
  • Engine Mounts - Hard Mounted
  • Cooling System - Heat exchanged, where the expansion tanks are provided with Murphy low water alarms
  • Alarms - Yes
  • Reverse Gear - Twin Disc, Model MG 530M, Ratio 3, 13:1

Both Engines are air start with pressure provided by a compressor located on the starboard side of the engine room. The engines are securely mounted to the stringers.

Auxiliary Machinery

Auxiliary machinery found withing the engineering spaces include:

  • Air Compressor and receiver
  • Two Teel 120 volt domestic water pressure booster system
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Oil-fired boiler for hot water
  • Utica 175,000 btu oil fired furnace
  • Two chilled water air conditioning units (including new piping, pumps, duct work, air handlers)water separator
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Oil water separator
  • Twin Marco hydraulic pumps, powered by a 671 Detroit Diesel
  • Number of Tanks - Two tanks, one located athwart ships, forward of the engine room; the second located forward of the master and guest staterooms
  • Tank Material - Coated Steel
  • Capacity - 30,000 gallons for the amidships tank and 7,000 gallons for the forward most tank, for a total of 37,000 gallons.
  • Satisfactory Installation
  • Fills Labeled
  • Vent Locations - Stand pipe adjacent to the fuel fill
  • Fuel feed from Tanks - Hose and steel tubing
  • Feed line approved - Hose USCG type A1
  • Emergency shut off valve at feed line
  • Filters - Twin Racor 75/1000 MA Primaries, with secondaries, mounted on main engines. Detroit Diesel power guard for generators.

The engine room has been fitted with a fuel oil/water separator. All filters have been fitted with vacuum gauges. Like several other items in the engine room, the fuel oil separator should be periodically exercised and mother in the log book.

Exhaust System

  • Type- Dry
  • Materials - Iron Pipe
  • Lagging - Yes
  • Muffler - Steel Silencer

Steering System

  • Type - Hydraulic, using twin 1 3/4" push/pushrams attached to the 2 3/8" steel quadrant
  • Rudder Stock - 6" stainless steel
  • Stuffing Tube - Yes
  • Quadrant Stops- Yes
  • Rudder - Yes
  • How Supported - The stuffing tube is supported by steel reinforcing gussets welded to the stuffing tube. the vessel is also fitted with a hydraulically actuated bow thruster.

Stern Gear

  • Shaft Material - Stainless steel
  • Diameter - 5"
  • Stuffing Box - Yes


  • Engine Room - Natural, using deck vents, as well as a 120 volt blower
  • Adequate - Yes
  • AC Chillers - Two reverse cycle (10 tons each) chilled water air conditioning systems, which consist of the chiller, located in the engine room, that cools (or heats) fresh water, then pumps it through an insulated piping loop to air handlers located int he living spaced, where the air is cooled (or heated)

DC System

  • Battery number and voltage - The primary battery bank has been removed during the refit
  • Wiring Type - 2/0 AWG multi stand copper from batteries, and 16 gauge multi strand copper or greater elsewhere.

AC System

  • Entry Type - Two 100 amp/120 volt, single phase, Two 100 amp/220 volt, three phase, One 100 amp/480 volt, three phase
  • Circuit Breakers - Yes
  • Double Pole - Yes
  • Isolation Transformer - Yes
  • Switch Panel - Yes
  • Wiring type - 600 Volt, multi strand copper
  • Approved - Yes
  • System Grounded - Yes
  • Instruments - Amp, Hertz, and volt meters
  • Generator #1 - Detroit Diesel 671, Delco 50.0 KW
  • Generator #2 - Detroit Diesel 671, Delco 75.0 KW
  • Generator #3 - Detroit Diesel 671, Delco 100.0 KW
  • Switch Panel - Yes

All of the wiring within the vessel is bundled and identified with no exceptions observed, 240 volt, 100 amp 3 Phase AC power is provided by the ships' generators, all of which can be paralleled and are located in the engine room. The wiring had been reconfigured to accommodate two phase converters, both of which have been installed in the engine room. Numerous other transformers have been provided to convert both shore power and generator power to the various electrical needs of the vessel.

Bilge Pumps

  • Electric - A combination fire pump/bilge pump, driven by an electric motor has been provided in the engine room.
  • Engine driven - Non provided
  • Bilge Alarms - At the present,no bilge pump alarms have been provided
  • Manifold Marked - Yes

A bilge manifold has been configured to access all watertight compartments. All of the valves are marked to indicate the compartment they serve.

Through Hull Fittings

The vessel has been provided with several welded steel sea chests created for raw water supply to the propulsion engines, generators and auxiliary equipment.

  • Number - Two
  • Locations - Starboard generators and hydraulic engine - forward of starboard engine. Propulsion engine supply - forward of starboard engine. Port generators supply - forward of port engine.


  • Work on galley is completed and all appliances have been installed.


  • All heads have been installed and plumbing lines run. 1000 gallon 316 stainless steel pit tank has been installed under the companionway between the cabins, and two 500 gallon holding tanks provided under the two most forward cabins.

Fresh Water System

  • Tanks - A 4,400 gallon water tank, which is integral to the hull is situated beneath the utility room.
  • Delivery - 120 volt Teel shallow water pressure pump
  • Water Heater - The furnace has been configured to provide hot water to the demands of the hotel section of the vessel. All piping associated with this system has been installed
  • Approved - yes
  • Showers - yes

Berthing and Accommodations

Progress observed during the most recent survey indicates that the primary work effort has been focused on the completion of the living quarters, which for all practical purposes, has been completed. The quarters have been delineated through the creation of guest and owners staterooms on the lower level, aft, with additional quarters provided forward for members of the crew. Insulated bulkheads and cabin sub floors and finished floors, plumbing and electrical lines have been run and air conditions ductwork installed. Sewage tanks have been installed under the companionway sole and under the bunks of both forward staterooms. The joiner work to all cabins and crew quarters is complete with the exception of some minor trim. The woodworking is of high quality. Access to the quarters is provided via a spiral staircase from the forward section of the salon. A passageway has been provided for access to all cabins and the crew's quarters. The lower compartments have been sectioned in the following manner: the owners' stateroom, head and shower, aft and to port; two additional two man cabins with heads and showers are provided forward of the master suite with a similar arrangement of two 2 man cabins created on the starboard side. Forward of the two starboard cabins is a two bunk captains quarters where a head and shower has been provided. Forward of the captain's quarters, a laundry has been provided in which twin Kenmore He2 washers and dryers have been installed.

The crew's quarters are accessed via seven steps from the quests quarters and are configured with a port two man stateroom with a head and shower immediately forward. An additional two man stateroom is located amidships in the forward most part of the vessel with a galley and mess area provided amidships aft from which a hatch is provided to exit onto the mid deck.

Fire Equipment

  • Portable - Numerous CO2 extinguishers have been provided throughout the vessel for the duration of the refit. it is assumed that the appropriate size and number of portable extinguishers will be installed upon completion of the project.
  • Fixed - Presently two fixed CO2 bottles are provided in the engine room. However, the bottles were last inspected in 2004.

This listing is presented to you courtesy of a member of the International Yacht Brokers Association and may be centrally listed with another broker. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel.

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.


This Custom listing is a great opportunity to purchase a very nice 145' DEFOE SHIPBUILDING Explorer. While this listing is not actively listed with United Yacht Sales, our team would be happy to reach out to the current broker and find the history on the boat. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of professional yacht brokers to schedule a showing. There are many yachts listed for sale on the MLS each with a different history. We look forward to helping you complete your search for the perfect boat or yacht for sale.


United is the largest professional yacht brokerage firm in the world with over 150 yacht brokers in our network. By listing your boat or yacht for sale with us, all 150+ brokers on our team will be notified immediately which greatly increases the chances that your boat may sell before it ever even hits the market. With hundreds of used boats and yachts sold each year, there is no better team than United to help with the listing and sale of your vessel.


Buying a boat or yacht can be a daunting experience with so many available boats on the market. Let the team at United take the guesswork out of your boat search by enlisting one of our professional yacht brokers. Not only will we listen to your needs about budget, docking and storage, and how you plan on using your new boat, but we will do the research for you by looking through the MLS, researching the history of every listing, and negotiating on your behalf. From survey to acceptance, the team at United Yacht Sales is with you every step of the way.


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