Upcoming Boat Shows

Upcoming Yacht and Boat Shows

United Yacht Sales is a strong supporter of boat shows and has established itself as a highly recognizable fixture at all of the major boat shows. We believe that boat shows are an important stimulus in the buying and selling process. Not only do we show boats at these shows, we always have a display section where we feature all of our listings to potential buyers. Buyers in Texas often buy boats we have listed in Florida or listings in Rhode Island sell to buyers from North Carolina, etc. The more exposure your boat gets, the more likely it is to find a new home.


Stuart, FL Boat Show

New York National Boat Show

Seattle, WA Boat Show, Indoors + Afloat

San Diego Boat Show


Atlantic City, NJ Int’l Boat Show

Miami Int Boat Show & Strictly Sail

Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show


Palm Beach Int’l Boat Show

Bay Point / Panama City FL Show

Trawler Fest Ft. Anacortes, WA


Newport Beach, CA. Boat Show

Jacksonville, FL Int’l Boat Show

Suncoast, FL Boat Show

Gulf Coast Yacht Super Show


Houston, TX Boat Show


San Diego, CA Yacht & Brokerage Show


Tampa, FL Boat Show

Newport, RI. Int’l Boat Show

Southwest, Tx Int’l Boat Show

Lido Yacht Expo, New Port Beach CA

Norwalk, CT. Int’l Boat Show


Annapolis, MD Sailboat Show

Annapolis, MD Power Boat Show

Ft. Lauderdale Int’l Boat Show


Ft. Myers, Fl Int’l Boat Show


St. Petersburg, FL Power & Sail Show