Some of the greatest moments in life can only be realized far away from dry land. Creating enough time for some adventurous voyages on the high seas, oceans, lakes, or breathtaking rivers brings a calm to the usual hecticness of life. So when you find time to set sail, make the most of it. It’s your time to relax. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite boating destinations during summer months.

  1. Lake Havasu in Arizona
  2. Seattle in Washington
  3. Marina del Rey in California
  4. Lake Mead in Arizona

Lake Yachting on Lake Havasu reminds us of our first love of boating. A central hub for young partiers, Lake Havasu is for the young at heart. A boat with modern comforts and sufficient power to cover the vast miles of the lavish lake will set you free.Once you are on the water you will enjoy panoramic views of the waterways and spreading Arizona desert in the background.

Seattle and Marina del Ray

Anybody who has toured Seattle, Washington or Marina del Rey in California will agree that both locations provide great opportunities for scenery and discovery. Seattle is largely regarded by some as a yachting capital of sorts, because of the large fleet of yachts that are at the disposal of willing users. Modern yachts are built with great designs that leave sufficient viewing space for those who wish to see and take photographs of the spellbinding geographical features and the architectural marvels of the city. Some of the photogenic attractions of the city that should engage the interest of the yachting party include the Cascade Mountains and surrounding, mesmerizing landscapes.

Marina del Rey has marvelous attractions, including Fisherman’s Village and Chance Park, where they hold a popular summer concert series. Should you be up for some nature observation you may enjoy docking near the Ballona Wetlands.

Yachting during summer months allows creative individuals to arrange special moments with friends and relatives. The friendly weather conditions of summer make parties a must, and Lake Mead is a hot spot for parties.

So, whether you like to simply relax and float away the day or pull an all-nighter with friends, we hope you enjoy some of our favorite summer yachting locations. What are you favorite spots?