Some people say that one has never truly boated until they do so on a yacht. There is immense truth in this statement. Setting sail on a yacht gives one the best experience on water. Few things can enhance something as perfect as boating. The perfect boating music playlist is one of them. The right tunes are what set the journey on the sea in motion. They are also what affect the mood of the people on board.

Jimmy Buffet

What makes yachts so special is how lavish they are. Most of them are spacious enough to accommodate a reasonable number of people. This space can also facilitate dancing. Few people have stories to tell about how they danced on yachts. Jimmy Buffett’s classic tunes will make sure to keep one’s guests on their feet. A Pirate Looks at Forty, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Altitudes and Cheeseburger in Paradise are some of his most adored tunes. These songs are perfect for a journey into the sea. Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads is an album that would be highly recommended.

Bob Marley

A yacht owner entertaining their guests usually has one objective in mind. This is to give their friends the best experience onthe sea. The perfect playlist will ensure that. One artist that everyone loves is Bob Marley. Bob Marley’s music appeals to people globally. It is almost as if Marley wrote his music for all kinds of people to relate to. His cool reggae tunes will keep the crowd buzzing and eager for more. There are a wide variety of Bob Marley albums to sample, therefore eliminating monotony and boredom. ‘Redemption’, ‘One drop’ and ‘Stir it Up’ are some of the best Bob Marley tunes to jam to.

Kenny Chesney

Another great artist to have on your boating music playlists would have to be Kenny Chesney. This famed artist is a boater and therefore understands the aura the sea sets. His music seems to call unto all non-boaters as well to join in the yacht experience. Kenny’s music teleports one into their own mystical world while at sea. It is sure to have this effect on your guests as well. Beer In Mexico, Boat’, Coastal and Be As You Are are some great songs for boating.

Zac Brown Band

Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band has got to be a must have on your playlist while boating. The talents of Jimmy Buffett have been sampled on this track, making it a doubly great hit. It is a perfect song to cruise to, and is even better when seeking some alone time and getting in some relaxation. Watching its video will provide an even more enhanced experience.

Other artists to consider on one’s boating music playlists include Sublime, Florida Georgia Line, Grateful Dead, Pepper and Bob Dylan. This summer deserves lovers of the sea to do it justice by rocking out on the water. Do not forget to pack your cold refreshments, a camera to capture moments in your yacht, and the perfect boating music playlists. Rock on!