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Rich is fond of telling people he’s “originally from Texas, but been everywhere,” but that’s not strictly true: he missed Antarctica. At least so far. His FB app shows he’s been in 36 countries and over 400 cities. He’s lived in the US, Canada, the UK, and Iran, and traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He’s been in some really great places, and a lot of really not-so-nice ones.

As a boy he learned to sail on inland lakes in those windless Texas summers, so he’s pretty good in light air. In his family’s 1st boat, a homebuilt El Toro, he claims they did everything wrong that was possible to do except to actually sink and die. When the family got a Lido 14, he learned about one-design racing, and was hooked. Subsequently he raced various dinghy classes in the US and later in the UK.

He attended Rice University, Texas Wesleyan, and graduated from UT Arlington in some year he can’t remember. He had the best summer job ever during his days at UTA: he was a charter skipper on Lake of the Ozarks, piloting a Columbia Sabre.
In the past his hobbies included golf, softball, basketball, and bowling. In college he wanted to play football but Coach said at 195 he was too small to play on the line, was also too slow to be a wide-out, and was just too darn nice to be a linebacker. So he was in the band instead. He is a big fan of Formula 1 and sports car racing, and the National Air Races.

Over the course of his career he was at various times a field engineer, a drilling equipment salesman, a consultant, a programmer, and sort of a wandering troubleshooter. He’s sold software, computer hardware, insurance, and most recently yachts. He says he learns something new every time he shows a boat, and every deal has something weird and wonderful about it. That’s what keeps it interesting.

He has two daughters, who went to Yale and Cornell and now live in the SF Bay area. One is an attorney and the other some sort of techno-geek at Oracle, as best he can understand. She has *promised excellent seats for the Americas’ Cup, but you know how kids are.

When he moved to the Pac NW from Canada a few years ago, he horrified his family by going “over to the darkside” and buying a power yacht. He now lives aboard in Everett, Washington, where he plays computer games online, and sells boats.

Richard and United Yacht look forward to helping you now and in the future.

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