Relaxing on Memorial Day weekend will be one of the first opportunities of the year to use your boat. As we observe Memorial Day, we have plenty of reasons to throw on our swimsuits and enjoy a day of fun on our boats. After a particularly cold winter, we can always appreciate the warm weather. Many boaters are turning to lakes and oceans for their holiday fun. While there is plenty of room for all, it is best to head out into the waters before the middle of the day. Towards the evening the lakes will be packed with people taking advantage of the sunlight.

Be sure to plan your day out in advance. There are a ton of different activities that your family can do on the lake or open seas, and you want to ensure that everyone has a great time. Don’t forget to make the most of the day. Bring the accessories and watersports! Water skiis, inner tubes, grills to cook lunch, and other supplies.

Those with little ones amongst the crew should come prepared for their day at sea. Eat before you arrive and pack a delicious lunch or dinner for later. Be prepared with sandwiches, beverages, and snacks. This will help you to keep energized throughout the day. If you plan on having a cold meal, make sure you bring your cooler (and plenty of ice) as the sun will be shining brightly. This will not only help you keep your drinks cool, but is often nice to rub an ice cube on your forehead as the day heats up.

As there will likely be many others out celebrating the warming weather, don’t get caught up in reckless abandon. After you get in some cruising, find a fairly quiet place that provides for somewhat of a private setting for you to enjoy the day with your family. With the season looking up, make boating your “vacation destination” to remember. After all, you don’t need to wander far from home to have a great time!