hurricane season

Powerful tropical storms lashing out at coastlines coupled with heavy rains, surging waves and strong winds are telltale signs of hurricane season. Hurricane season typically begins to manifest itself towards the end of May. Since that time is upon us we have prepared a list of some safety tips to consider during hurricane season.

If you live in a hurricane evacuation zone you should decide ahead of time if you plan on evacuating to shelters, staying with friends, or bunkering down. Orient yourself with the nearby shelters should you decide to evacuate. Also, familiarize yourself with the local evacuation route since some streets may be closed during an evacuation and you’ll have to understand alternate routes.

Keep in communication with friends and family. That way, as the hurricane unfolds your loved ones will know how to follow up with you.

If you live in an area that may fall in the path of a hurricane but your local governing bodies don’t require flood insurance, consider opting in for it on your own. Investing in flood insurance could become a financial lifeline if you have disaster clean up because most homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood damage.

You could also consider optional improvements around the house.

  • storm shudders
  • sturdy shingles or roof improvements
  • reinforced doors


Familiarize yourself with how to turn off electricity, water, and gas at their main entry points to your home. This can minimize excessive damage should a disaster unfold.

Educate the family, especially younger family members, on the importance of 911 and how to reach local fire or police departments.

Don’t forget to stock up on survival items.

  • food
  • water
  • toiletries
  • extra clothing
  • medicine
  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • insurance papers
  • cash


Last, don’t forget to keep a battery-operated radio or small tv around. This can keep you in touch with the outside world on how the hurricane is unfolding.

Whatever your hurricane plan may be, make it a safe one. We hope these tips have helped our fellow water lovers.