All of the United Yacht Sales brokers who participated agree –the 2014 boat show was a great success.  Broker Chris Cunningham notes that “after a rough start with the torrential rains on Thursday the weekend weather cleared up and we had a terrific turnout”. UYS Broker Keegan Bird commented that “there was a lot of knowledgeable and informative brokers willing to share their experiences and thoughts with everyone.”

It seems as if there is a renewed interest in purchasing boats as UYS Broker Len Burke notes “I noted a lot more lines of new center consoles and smaller boats on display, more boats in the water as well as showing builders willing to take the risk on building new product.  “Attendees for the show came from great distances” as Broker Olan Scheff reported having “prospects from as far away as Texas, Michigan and Key West.”

“The Saturday night VIP party was definitely a highlight,” reports Broker Matt Key.  “The new office lent itself to a very nice atmosphere for our clientele and the industry professionals that were able to attend.  I’m happy to say it appears the crew from Project Lift did well again this year on donations.”

UYS Broker Frank Esposito, describes boat shows as being the “pulse of the business, with the Stuart Boat show being especially important due to our home field advantage.”

It was a great kick off to the 2014 boat buying year!  As Broker Rich Gopfert stated, “Many folks who stopped to examine our display of listings seemed more sincere in parting with their current vessel in order to acquire the next one that they have been dreaming of.  May they soon act upon their pent up desire!”