When you mention the word “yacht” the first thing that comes to mind for many is great wealth, glasses of champagne and beautiful models in swim suits. For those that actually explore the world of yachting you’ll find that it isn’t what yachting is all about. Yachting is often quite the opposite. It’s about humbleness, slowing things down, and enjoying great company.

Contrary to popular belief, with some focused budgeting, nearly anyone can afford a yacht. The open air. The open sea. The company of friends and family. There are more than enough reasons as to why everyone loves boating. Imagine having a relaxing, enjoyable experience riding the waves of the water and being treated to relaxing waterway and natural scenery. Or, get the speed rush of a high performance boat pumping through your veins. Some take up yachting for sportsmanship as it offers an intricate feel of nature, sport and technology. Others can’t resist the temptation to escape the daily grind, opting to spend time with family or just wanting to be away from it all.

Yachting has been known to give many a chance to relieve stress. By distancing yourself from “the real world” and bringing yourself closer to nature you learn something about yourself and the company you bring with you. Breathe in the fresh and relax the tension away, or stay active by taking up water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, fishing or many of the other physical activities to keep in motion.

The history of hitting the open oceans and waterways of the world goes back as far as civilization itself. When it’s all said and done, owning a yacht (or tagging along with your friend that does) is life changing. Boating is magic. It is is one of those things that everyone should experience in life.