Many people make New Year’s resolutions, and boat owners are no different. Just like everyone else when January rolls around, it is like getting a clean slate. It is a time to look back over the past year to see what went right, what went wrong, and what you can improve. A time to take stock of your life and determine what you would like to work on. Below are United Yacht’s top 6 great New Year’s resolutions for boat owners and lovers of the open waters of the world. Feel free to take from this list, add to it, or come up with your own.

6. Enjoy your family and friends

Take family and friends out on the boat any time you can. Share fun times on the water and make tons of memories. You and the crew will cherish these memories for a lifetime.

5. Work hard

By making “working hard” a resolution you will be more likely to keep your other resolutions. By working hard, you will enable yourself to play hard. Therefore, put your all into work so you can take plenty of time off when boating season arrives.

4. Faithfully apply sunscreen

No matter how much time we spend on the water you think we’d know by now. Apply sunscreen, apply sunscreen, apply sunscreen! However, we at least occasionally slip up and forget to protect our skin. Make it a resolution to stop doing this. Protect your skin from the damage that the sun can do. If you have to, make a chart of when to reapply sunscreen, or even set a timer and when it dings, reapply.

3. Drink more water

Less beer, fewer soft drinks, and more water is better for your health. Make it a point to drink plenty of water while you are out on the boat. It is important to stay hydrated in the hot sun. It is also important to stay sober. Drinking and driving a boat is just as bad, and just as dangerous, as drinking and driving a car.

2. Keep up with boat maintenance

Take care of your boat and your boat will take care of you. If you expect your boat to safely get you to and from destinations, it is important that follow through on all routine maintenance.

1. Get out on the boat more

You would be hard pressed to find a boat owner or lover who makes a resolution to spend less time on their boat. Everyone wants to find more time to get out there to enjoy time on the water. By making this resolution, it keeps boating in the forefront of your mind and enables you to find ways to get out there.

All of the above resolutions are designed to help you stay safe, have fun, and enjoy more time on your boat. None of them are difficult to follow, so they are suitable for all boat owners. You can add to the list, or tweak it to meet your needs. The important thing is to make it a point to get out there on the water and have fun.