Getting a yacht broker can spell the difference between buying the perfect yacht and choosing a dud. Of course, it’s also important to get the right one to make sure your needs will be met.

A yacht broker is basically like a real estate broker, with a few significant differences. The real estate industry, for one, is highly regulated. The buying and selling of yachts? Not so much. A yacht broker can also get a 10 percent commission from the purchase, much higher than the commissions real estate brokers get.

Unless, getting a broker can make your task easier when looking for a yacht for sale.

A broker can scour the right yacht for you based on your preference and budget. Looking for yachts can be tiring, and testing them can be a fun but tedious chore. The broker can give you options based on your preferences alone, making the search easier on your part.

Take note that there are several factors to consider when choosing a yacht. And because it is expensive, the risks are bigger. While brokers work on a commission (and therefore, motivated to make the sell), they should also know the works of a yacht better than you. You can get immediate advice and tell you about the boat’s condition, its history, why the yacht is being sold (if it is pre-owned), and how long the boat has been on the market.

The broker will make the initial contact with the buyer and schedule a sea trial for you. All you will have to do is show up during the test.

Brokers can also when the offer for you during your search for a yacht for sale. This is especially useful when you are looking to buy a pre-owned boat. The broker can give you insight on whether your offer is realistic — and he will make that offer to the buyer. He will also let you know about the terms of the sale; for example, about insurance of the boat or if the boat entails any other obligations.

This works the same way when you are looking to buy a new yacht. The broker will let you know about additional costs — for instance, insurance and tax (factors that are also important when buying a pre-owned boat).

In addition, brokers are knowledgeable about paperwork and laws concerning buying and owning a yacht in your state or territory. More often than not, the broker takes care of the paperwork; all you have to do is worry about paying for the yacht.

Yacht Brokers are useful after the sale as well. They can assist you when it comes to applying for loans, as well as giving you contacts and leads for yacht maintenance and facilities.

Hiring a broker when looking for a yacht for sale may be the best decision you can make. Buying a yacht may seem simple, but it isn’t. Having a professional yacht broker by your side means you have an ally to help you find what you want and negotiate for the deals you want.