Though there are many different ways for people to enjoy themselves, none of them can compare to the excitement of a long day of boating with friends. Whether you have access to a lake, large river, or the entire ocean, it is great to take a bout out to a favorite spot and appreciate the beautiful natural scenery. To make the most of the day there are a few things to bring that can help make your trip safe and fun.

Water and Drinks

One of the first priorities when planning a long day of adventures is to make sure everyone stays hydrated. When you’re going to be away from shore for long periods of time, it is important to have enough water supply for everyone that is on board. The water should also be stored in coolers since cold water is more refreshing, especially as the day gets hotter. Lightly carbonated waters can often be great for settling stomachs too. One of the most popular carbonated solutions are ginger ales. Try and avoid alcohol, as it can expedite dehydration.


Part of the enjoyment of setting sail is having some delicious foods to be enjoyed while you relax at your final destination. Packing the right types of foods means making sure you bring foods that are high in protein (for energy), can last or can be stored in a cooler, or foods that can help with any seafarer that may get queasy.

Clothing and Accessories

Must haves when spending a day in the sun is a hat and sunglasses. Both help keep the sun off of your face and make the trip more enjoyable. And, doesn’t it seem like you always lose a pair of sunglasses when boating? Why not bring an extra pair just in case you lose some overboard or someone else forgets their pair. Since the sun can become aggressively hot during peak times of the day, a hat and sunglasses are a necessity to protect the eyes, face and the head. Big hats – as opposed to small hats – are normally preferred, because they provide more coverage from the sun.

Regular sea-goers also attest to often needing more than one change of clothing. Depending on if you’re hitting the wakes or just catch some swells, you’re going to get wet. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than salty wet clothes.


No one in the group should leave the shore without the right type of sunscreen. Specifically, 30+ SPF. The proper protection allows you to soak up the sun longer, mitigating the chances of burns.

A full day of boating is the ultimate leisure experience. Especially if you have a boat full of friends to join you. The right preparation for these trips is the key to their success.