Welcome back to our helpful tips on how to move into a yacht as your new home. Many people find that life on the sea is a wonderful experience for both vacationing and a relaxing retirement whether you go on wild oceanic adventures or cruise between your favorite cities. In the first half, we covered downsizing to fit your house-life into your boat-life. This time, we’ll talk about storing your favorite non-seaworthy items and securing everything else in place.

Put a Few Things into Storage

By the time most people retire, they have at least a few special keepsakes that will need to be stored if they can’t find a comfortable home on the yacht. Depending on what you intend to keep, make sure you have a storage locker of the appropriate size and pack your items carefully to last. If they are climate-sensitive, ensure that your storage unit is indoors with a guarantee from your storage company that they won’t shut off the AC during holidays.

Bolting Things Down

Decorating your yacht to the height of comfort, convenience, and luxury is a wonderful experience often involving a collection of favorite old items and shiny new ones chosen for the purpose. However, no matter how much fun you’re having choosing new beds, sleek furniture, and supplies for the galley, remember that the ocean is not a stable foundation and everything will need to be bolted down. If you bring your grandmother’s antique dresser, it will need to be bolted down or risk toppling when the boat rocks. Bookshelves should be secured to the wall at both the top and bottom, pots and pans need secure hooks or padded cabinets, and even large beds might slide around if unsecured.

Finding the Right Yacht Your New Home

If you’ve got your yacht retirement all planned out but don’t yet have a boat to move into yet, then it’s time to begin the search. Finding the right yacht for your new home will require a combination of engineering quality, upkeep, and lifestyle comparisons. Ideally, you want a yacht that’s relatively easy to maintain, big enough that you enjoy living on it, and maybe a few special features that you’ll really appreciate. If you’d like help finding the right yacht for sale in the vast world-spanning market of luxury boats, contact us today!