Even when children are young, they can be fascinated by stories that people tell about ghost ships. From watching documentaries of cases on television to reading about ghost ships in various kinds of books, there is something about these types of stories that are not only chilling for some, but mesmerizing for others. Whatever the case, there are some true stories that apply to real ships that have been identified from the past. While it has been estimated that thousands of ships have been lost at sea, there are some stories that have become quite legendary over time.

USS Cyclops

One particular story that dates back to 1910 involved the USS Cyclops. Since this ship was constructed in the early 1900’s, it was drafted up to serve in World War I as a ship that was used to transport coal for the Navy. It was during these times that the ship completely disappeared when it was traveling through the seas from the U.S to Brazil. As the story goes, the ship disappeared without a trace. The records did not even reflect one S.O.S call for help. One of the biggest shocks to this story is that over 300 men lost their lives and there was never any trace of one person from the ship being found. In fact, this ship is noted as the largest loss of life in a single event that was recorded by the United States Navy. Based on the records that were kept, the cause of this tragedy may have been due to which could have contributed to the ship being over loaded with manganese ore.

Kaz II

This catamaran set sail in April of 2007. Just three days after it set sail it was found adrift by GPS. It was bourded five days after it set sail and the rescue crew found a running computer, food on the table, and working radio and GPS. However, the crew of three had vanished.

TT Zion

This center console boat came grounding into Fort Lauderdale Beach in June of 2012. The engine was running and its owners belongings were on board. However, there was no sign of the owner or any passengers.

Ocean Wave

In 1975 this pocket cruiser lost contact three weeks into a voyage. Nearly a year later it was found over 100 miles off Ireland’s coast, with the owner never to be found.

The Bermuda Triangle

Even though there are many true stores about ghost ships and the sea, there is area that catches the attention of all sea-goers, the Bermuda Triangle. Since the Bermuda Triangle is not only rich with history, it is active with modern day superstition. With an endless list of lost vessels, missing planes, stories that led to the tragic lost of lives, and unexplained events, the Bermuda triangle is currently monitored by various organization (scientific and fan-based) to, hopefully, one day get to the bottom of its mystery.

The list of ghost stories like these is extensive. Children at very young ages are often introduced to these stories even before they they find out that many of these “stories” are actually true. That stick with us into our adulthood. From ships lost with no signal of distress to documented weather storms with vanishing crews… no matter the story it doesn’t change our fascination with ghost ships.