With Father’s Day right around the corner, people are always looking for unique Father’s Day gift ideas. Finding something unique for a boat lover is even trickier. Listed below are few of the favorites for those that enjoy the open waters.

Small Grill for the Boat

A small grill for the boat is ideal for fathers who like to entertain family and friends. Especially for those who like to boast their infamous barbecue recipes. Regardless to the time of day or night, a barbecue is appropriate for nearly any occasion.

Pair of Boat Shoes

Another great gift for the father who likes to spend a lot of time boating is a pair of quality boat shoes. Buying the right type of shoe is not only a unique gift idea, but it is also an efficient way to help him stay comfortable while enjoying his favorite pastime.

Waterproof Watch

Waterproof watches are ideal for all kinds of boating activities. Don’t assume that they’re only needed for harsh weather. Even a playful day on the water can get your favorite watch wet after a splash from a wave as you’re cruising along. Now fathers can enjoy the day without worrying about losing a watch due to a splash of water when they’re rocking they’re waterproof watch.

New Fishing Rod

Since fishing is a great pastime when people are on the seas, Dad will surely enjoy the use of a new fishing rod. Since the sizes, types and prices of fishing rods can vary greatly, it is important to look for a rod that will fit your specific father’s personal preferences.

Personalized Welcome Mat for the Boat

Since naming yachts is commonplace these days, why not celebrate the name of Dad’s boat with a personal touch. Daughters and sons can buy a personalized welcome mat for the SS Dad.

Since Father’s Day is a great time for people to show their love and appreciation for Dad – daughters and sons like to get pops a gift to compliment his interests. One of the best ways to give special attention to a father that loves the open waters is to get him something he can enjoy on his boat. We hope that the Father’s Day gift ideas above help get the wheels turning and spark some imagination towards your goal of surprising Dad.